The Outsiders - Dally

October 9, 2013
By ii374236 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
ii374236 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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“I suddenly bolted through the door and out the hall.” I didn't know what to do. I was angry, so angry. But at what?
I got in my car and drove. I wasn't really sure where I was going, all I knew was that I needed to get away. Far away. I hate this town, I hate all the people in it and I hate that Johnny died.
I need a smoke to help me calm my nerves. I reached into my pocket looking for my wallet as I rolled up to the grocery store. “Shoot,” I thought. I left my wallet at the house. “I don't care,” I thought. I walked into the store and went straight to the cigarettes. I grabbed two packs and shoved them into my pockets. I turned around just in time to see an employee spot me and yell “Stop!” but I ran out of the store anyway. I got to my car and sped off.
I knew sooner or later the cops would be after me. I had to call Darry. He could get me out of this. I stopped at a phone booth and got out of my car. I rummaged through my pockets looking for a quarter. Eventually I found one, I jammed it into the machine and dialed. Darry picked but after a few rings. His worried voice said “Hello?” I began to tell Darry everything and was surprised to find all he did was listen without interruption. After I finished I told him I was coming back and to meet me at the vacant lot. I hung up the phone and ran back to my car.
I had almost made it to the vacant lot when the cops came up behind me. My emotions started overloading “I can’t do this anymore!” I shouted. I don't want to be this way. I pulled up and saw the boys running my direction. The cops were on my tail so I leaped out of the car. “I’m done!” I thought. I ran as fast as I could but my emotions held me back. “I want to be with Johnny!” I thought. I slowed down my run and took one last look at the boys hoping that i’ll see them again someday. I pulled out my heater. I thought “I’m coming, Johnny! I’m-”
The first bullet hit me and it didn't hurt much really. The joy of being with Johnny took over as I slowly sunk to the ground.

The author's comments:
We read The Outsiders in my class. I was very curious as to what Dally was doing and thinking after he ran out of the hospital after he saw Johnny die. You don't really ever know for sure because the book is from Pony's point of view. That was what inspired me to write this!

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on Oct. 19 2013 at 1:00 pm
vegetariangirl, Hamilton, Ohio
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I just finished the outsiders in class, I love your verison better.

on Oct. 19 2013 at 2:03 am
littlemisswallflower BRONZE, Battle Ground, Washington
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This is my all time favorite book.  I think you described his point of view very well.  Excellent job.


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