October 7, 2013
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Martin registered for a hotel online. The next day the hotel said, “We can`t have black people at our hotel!” Martin got so mad he fought with the hotel manager, Elvis. Elvis got a restraining order against Martin. Martin and Elvis haven’t seen each other until six year`s later, when they saw each other at a parking lot. Martin looked at the restraining order and he said, “It expired one year ago.”showing Elvis his paper.

Martin started talking to Elvis. Martin said, “When are we going to get mugged again? ” As they talked, muggers mugged both of them. Then the muggers took their cars. Now Elvis and Martin didn’t have a car or a cell phone to call 9-1-1. Elvis and Martin walked home; they talked and became friends.

Elvis got his car back and so did Martin. They met up and talked about a plan to mug the muggers. Soon Elvis and Martin found the muggers in an alley and Martin said, “He would beat the bananas out of them.” They got their revenge. They also got the muggers arrested by calling the cops and they said, “We defended ourselves against the muggers.”

A month later Martin was alone and got mugged; and the muggers took everything he had, including his house keys and car keys. A few hours later Elvis found Martin laying on the ground KO cold. Elvis got Martin up on his feet and drove him home. Martin never walked alone anywhere again.

After Martin got mugged, he found the muggers and framed them, before the cops showed up to take the muggers to jail. Martin played around with the muggers to feel what it`s like to get mugged. After Martin put the muggers in jail, he hadn’t been mugged until two year`s later.

Two years ago today, Martin was setting a trap , when the muggers came he didn’t know he was about to be set up and beaten . Martin was taken hostage. He woke up and couldn’t see anything because the room was dark. There were no windows, so he couldn’t see if there was even a door. Martin waited and waited for something bad to happen, but nothing happened. Soon Martin realized he was abandoned to die, trapped some were out in the middle of nowhere.

Martin was found dehydrated and bruised. He was found and taken to the hospital. Later he was awake, but wasn’t ready to leave the hospital. In about a week he felt better and Martin said to the nurse, “How do I get out of the hospital? ”

The nurse said, “ It`s down the hall and to the left”.

Martin said, “Do I have to sign anything? ”

But the nurse said, “No your medical bill will cover the cost.”

Elvis came to Martin`s house one day and asked how he felt. Martin said, “I am fine and he felt as good as he did a day ago.” Elvis asked to come in and Martin said, “Please do come in.” Elvis came in and sat down at the table and ate supper with Martin`s family. After an hour, Elvis left and went home.

Martin was at Elvis’s house and had breakfast. Elvis asked, “What do you think we should do now? ”

Martin thought and came up with a plan. Martin said, “Why don`t we retire since we are forty years old? We can`t do anything more to help.”

Elvis said, “I feel like a million bucks.” Martin said, “Because we are covered with wrinklies and we are bald.” Elvis stopped talking and faced Martin and apologized for arguing. Elvis went home and ate dinner, and so did Martin. Martin couldn’t fall asleep that night. Elvis didn’t fall asleep either.

Martin began talking, and reminded Elvis he owed him money from all the fast food places they went to. Elvis paid the money, and then they went to a gas station. While they played the lottery, they both won the million dollar lottery. Elvis and Martin jumped up and down until their feet were tired. Martin spent some of his money on a new car and a house.

Elvis spent some of his money on e-bay.com and Amazon.com. Elvis got a new car; along with ten more lottery tickets. Elvis won five out of ten lottery tickets, and got five million dollars in cash. Martin went out, and bought a Bugatti; which is the fastest car. Martin and Elvis never got mugged again because they ran for President of the US, both won office.

Marten told everybody why there are less muggers around. All of the US kept Martin and Elvis in office for ten years. Martin and Elvis became famous, and celebrated. Elvis and Martin lived together with their wives. Martin became a millionaire; Elvis became a billionaire, and both shared the money.

Elvis went to a fast food place with Martin, and ordered a sandwich. Elvis and Martin got a pass for free lunch because the security guards there where big and buff. The people were scared. Being president was tiering for Elvis and Martin. There was always work and more work. There is endless work when your president.

After every night Elvis and Martin go to casinos with disguising them selfs as the manger, when the manger isn’t around. Tricking people, and playing around. Martin and Elvis where just having a little fun. One day the manger caught them and kicked them out.

After a few years Martin and Elvis started to get old. Martin and Elvis wanted to be young the rest of their lives but the end is near for both of them and, they can`t but muggers in jail. Martin was in a wheelchair and, Elvis is using a walker.

Elvis and Martin wanted to keep putting muggers in jail, but they were too old. Martin and Elvis were still president, but Elvis and Martin got voted out. For the rest of their lives they lived on peacefully, and they were happy that they helped more than just themselves. Before Martin died, he gave all of his money to charity. Elvis gave all of his money to Riley`s Children` s Hospital. They died at the age of ninety~six, and were buried next to each other with tomb stones that read BFFs.

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