Story Part 7 10/1/13

October 1, 2013
By KattValentine GOLD, Euless, Texas
KattValentine GOLD, Euless, Texas
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My cat quickly went off to her normal spot when I drove her around. I was extremely careful coming around corners scared I might run into something that wouldn’t be too pleasant. Flipping on the radio, I looked over to see my cat mewing up at me.

“Onyx what the hell is going on?” she just stared blankly up at me up until we came to Jens house. I parked out front like normal, grabbed the cat, and made my out to her door. Before I could even knock she opened the door pulled me in and then shut it behind her quickly.

“What the hell Jen?!?” She quickly shushed me and then pulled me upstairs drawing her curtains closed. Now, Jen is a bit crazy… Meaning not all the way sane…. But, she has never been so off the wall. I whispered “Jen! What are you doing?”

“Really Zale, shut up okay? I’ll explain in a second” I did as I was told and sat on the ground expecting her to sit beside me. She didn’t, she sat right in front of me and looked me in the eyes. She then took my hands and stared at them…then looked me dead in the eyes again and spoke carefully. “Explain it again, but this time slower.”

I did as I was told and she nodded along, cringed at some parts, bit her lip and looked away at others. “Then all of a sudden I was in my car again and then home… that’s when you called” she nodded once and then got up and paced around. I’ve never seen her like this; so unaware of what was to happen next I just stood still in my spot.

“Zaylee…” WHOAH SHE USED MY FULL NAME… “You need to know that not everything you see it’s always what it seems…” I chuckled at that statement, I’ve been told that exact line ever since I could talk. “I’m being serious! There’s something about you that even you don’t know…” she went into her closet and brought out a large old torn up dusty book that looked like it was from the Victorian era. The pages yellowed as she opened it, I could have sworn I heard an audible “Poof” as dust came from the book and the pages turned.

Within the book were pictures of family trees going all the way back before the 1800’s. I sat in awe the book itself was an amazing specimen, but for whatever reason I felt like stealing the book clutch it to my chest and scream at her for stealing my book. Yet, I have never seen this book up until today. She finally stopped on a page and showed me, my jaw dropped.

“That’s me….”

The author's comments:
Zaylee finds out something that might just change her world

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