Story Part 6 9/19/13

September 19, 2013
This time I awoke in my car at the park, again nothing seemed different… Clothes left the way they had.. even my makeup was back to normal. Maybe it was all just a bad dream… But knocking out in my own car? Especially when I know I’m meeting someone? Its not like me to do something like that… Although I was out REALLY late last night…

All I knew was that I didn’t want to be there, so I quickly backed out of my parking spot and zoomed back home. Nothing ran through my mind at this point, I was so blind-sided by this “Dream” that I just wanted to go home. My hands shook at the steering wheel and my vision blurred again. What the hell is all this?? I can’t seem to get my wits about myself.

“C’mon Zaylee, it was just a dream so why the hell are you freaking out?” I mumbled to myself, scared. I finally pulled into my place in the garage, carefully taking off my seatbelt. My cat passed by my feet meowing; she seemed to even know that something was wrong with me. Something was definitely off; it was hanging in the air like bad pollution.

I picked up my best companion and sped my way up the stairs unable to really speak, I get a call from Jenny.

“He-Hello?” I spoke quietly.

“OHMYGERSH ZALE! How are you? I heard that you went and hung out with that kid at the park today.”

“H-how the hell?” I was concerned she’s never been so spot on; I mean she has her abilities that I’m used too, but usually she’s off at least a little.

“I called your mom to see if you wanted to hang out and she said that you ran off in that dress and never said a thing.” Ah okay that makes more sense.

“Yeah, I did but Jen, it was so weird I think that I knocked out in my car or something… I’m not quite sure… I had the weirdest dream though.” I continued on to tell her about the dream and she was just quiet on the other end. “Jen?”

“I was afraid of this…” She seemed extremely scared and concered for me, how am I to respond to that?

“Afraid of what exactly?” I was barely able to get the words out.

“Come over, I think it’s time we discussed something.” Her tone was so serious, a thing that Jen NEVER uses. Jen is one of those bubbly scene girls… Hair is red with black underneath and she always teases it up wearing dark eyeliner everywhere. This would be why she’s my closest friend.

“Okay I’m coming” I quickly changed into something less dressy and got into my car again heading for Jens’ this time bringing along Onyx, the cat.

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