The Things He'd do for Tink

August 19, 2013
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Bobble sighed. He had agreed to his crush and her friends practicing makeup on him, and was listening to them argue over bronzer.

'Why?' he asked himself.

Thinking back, Tink had asked him something, and he had said ok. Of course, he hadn't really been paying attention and hadn't realized that this was what he agreed to.

When he had gotten to Tink's house, Rosetta had immediately told him to take off his goggles. He had handed them to her, then Tink had shown him to a chair where he sat down. Then Silvermist had brought out makeup, and the three girls had spent the following ten minutes arguing about bronzer.

Bobble was broken from his thoughts by Tinkerbell gently lifting his chin. Even though he couldn't see, he knew it was Tink because of her scent. Sil smelled of the ocean, Rosetta of flowers, but Tink had the smell of oil and wood.

She quickly brushed the bronzer onto his face; he sneezed and the girls giggled. Oh, Tink had a glorious giggle...

Once again lost in thought, Bobble didn't notice as Tinkerbell colored his cheeks with blush. She showed her handiwork to the other two, who laughed. Silvermist handed over light brown and dark green eye shadows. Once again lifting his chin, Tink asked him to close his eyes. He complied, and she rubbed the green on his lids and blended the brown above it.

She told him to open his eyes again, and began to paint his lashes with black mascera. Behind her, Rosetta and Silvermist discussed lipstick. Bobble shamelessly oggled at the blur that was Tinkerbell. Oblivious, the fairy girl was concentrating on his eyes.

Shortly after, she joined the argument about lipstick shades. The girls spent a good five minutes on it. Bobble daydreamed about Tink, loving the attention. Reaching an agreement, Tinkerbell glossed his thin lips with a light shade of pink.

With soft fingers, she cleaned up his lips where she had blotched the color a bit. Bobble involuntarily gasped and closed his eyes. Bursting with giggles, Silvermist handed him a mirror. He could hardly see himself, but Tink had spent enough time on him that he was sure he looked good, despite not being a girl.

Rosetta said she had to go, and Silvermist offered to walk Bobble home since he couldn't see. Laughing, Tinkerbell closed the door behind them. Bobble was too busy thinking about her to talk, so Sil kept silent as well. As he went into his house, she waved to him and he waved back.

Clank was in the kitchen fiddling with some lost things. He looked up as Bobble walked in and gave a shout of surprise.

"What did the girls do to you?!"

Bobble sighed happily and said, "They let me spend a few hours with Tink."

"And your face?"

"Oh, just Tink's latest work."

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