Spandex has it's impediments.

June 7, 2013
Twice upon a time, there was a man. Now you might think that this man was an ordinary man, but I tell you, dear children, he was most certainly not. Bruce Wayne, a.k.a., the man, lived a double life, his alter-ego being Batman, the infamously famous bat character who flew around Gotham in a spandexy material costume.
Unfortunately for the Batman, many, many people made fun of his spandex and he began to develop insecurities about his alter-ego. So he decided for one day to abandon all things Batman and see how Gotham did without him.
While he was taking a leisurely stroll through Gotham City Public Parks, he notice a girl, Rachael Dawes was her name, talking on a mobile. Now this was not unusual for the likes of Rachael, and so Bruce continued his journey. Until he head a screech!
He turned and looked for Rachael, but she was where he last saw her. But directly to the left of her Bruce saw a large, overweight man in a head lock, and the one that held the man down was the Joker. Unfortunately, Bruce couldn't react without his Batman get-up, and if he had had his costume, he would probably still be in shock by the overweight man's girlish screams.
"Bruce Wayne!" The joker drawled. "Give me ransom money for this man or I will KILL him!" Bruce considered his words carefully.
"Why would I do that?" He asked, "I don't care about him, only Rachael Dawes, she's the only one I would pay ransom money for. She is standing right over there." Bruce pointed. Then he realized his foolish words. "WHY?!" He shouted as the Joker took Rachael into his grasp. "Don't worry, Rachael." Bruce called to her as the Joker pulled her away. "Batman will save you!"
The Joker laughed cruelly. "Oh please, that SPANDEX wearing rat with wings?" He continued laughing as he disappeared, Rachael in hand.
And even though people might still laugh at his spandex pants, Batman WILL go on.
(Now that he has a motive)

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