5/29/13 Story part 4

May 29, 2013
I unbuckled the rusted seat belt and got out of my car. I looked around trying not to find Sterling’s eyes, the last thing I wanted him to see was me in tears because of some random thing that happened. The tingling stopped and my vision had returned to normal, I was okay, but extremely shaken. The next thing I knew I was walking toward Sterling, hadn't’t even put any thought into moving it was like someone else was controlling me ancoulddn’t stop it. All the voices in my head were screaming STOP! But for whatever reason my feet kept pushing forward.
I look to see Sterling looking dead at me, something has changed about him. His face was no longer a face of friendly, it was a face of pure wickedness. I was fearful I had no idea why he would change so much in just a blink of an eye. I looked away then back and then all of a sudden I had control again and Sterling looked loving and concerned. I was also at his feet.

“Zaylee its so nice to see you again!” he hugged me like he hasn’t seen me in years , I laughed nervously and hugged him gently back not knowing what exactly what was going on.
“Yeah, you too Sterling, I had fun last night. Hey did you….” I stopped dead in my sentence, if I told him what just happened he might think I’m a complete freak and never speak to me again. “nevermind… so what are we going to do?” I smiled trying so hard not to seem too timid and terrified.
Something seemed off about him, he was trying all that he could to stay in the shade as if the sun would harm him. I looked weary and concerned, yet I knew I should be paying attention to his actions. Then again how harmful could he be? I met him last night and he just wants to hang out again it shouldn’t scare me that much right?
But my inner instinct is telling me to run. His eyes changed just then, but just for a moment. They flashed from blue to red then back to blue. I wasn’t sure how to react so I played it off like nothing happened.
“I’m not sure what are we going to do today?” He asked as if nothing about him has changed. He seemed to have a hungry look in his eyes… I couldn’t tare my gaze from them, I couldn’t look away.
“How about lunch?” He looked down on me, him being just a smidge taller than I. Grabbing my hand he led me back to his car and whispered some words into my ear and then everything went black…

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