Never Be a Hero

May 6, 2013
By Anonymous

You stare out over the dry, red landscape, taking in the moonlight as it brushes coats in view with a soft silvery glow. Tonight was the night. Tonight it would end. For the past weeks, you and your comrades have been preparing for the ambush against the evil Lord English, long time oppressor of Alternia and countless other worlds within Skaia. You’ve confronted English’s army on several different occasions, none of them ending well. You turn your back on the moon to face your friends. Seeing each of their faces, you remember the ones you were forced to leave behind, the ones who sacrificed themselves for the greater cause. Heroes. All of them. It is inevitable that many of the people standing before you will also be lost, but you make an effort to be enthusiastic and hopeful, for their sake. You exchange smiles with your comrades.
Turning back to the moon, you can see the silhouettes of a huge army approaching steadily. Your ranks are outnumbered about three to one, but you ignore how heavily the odds are balanced against you and raise your sword high above your head. You hear the sound of hundreds of sword scraping up against their sheaths the army follows your lead. No fear. You breathe in deeply, pushing out your chest, feigning confidence.

The cry resounds behind you as you rush down the rocky slope toward the only thing standing between you and a free world. All sense of doubt drains from your mind as you build speed, drawing closer and closer and closer to English, weapon at the ready, aimed straight in your direction. You do not falter. You do not slow. You do not fear what will come. You know only the will to continue, the need for victory, the want to discover how it truly must be to become a hero.
You are stuck. You fall. All is black. You awaken to sunlight through your bedroom window. A dream. All you wanted was to be a hero for once. But again, just as every other night, you were rudely awakened by the harsh reality of the true world.
(Based off of Homestuck, a web comic written by Andrew Hussie)

The author's comments:
All you want is to do somethign heroic, to be someone important. but it sometimes seems that life has no room for the adventure you seek.

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