My Luck

May 17, 2013
By Ash3297 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
Ash3297 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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One can say that Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer. Well lets just say that instead of a door, make it a cookie and instead of knocking it cracks open, then lastly instead of good luck, turn that into horrible, rotten, luck. Me of all people answers to the call of bad luck. Today will begin like any other, I repeat this mantra to myself just to get myself out of bed. This week had begun horribly to where I can't imagine it turning up any better. First I loose a whole entire file after my car got broken into at a fundraiser for the company I work at.

Now the outcome is that I have to finish that whole report by tomorrow, cause being a lawyer isn't hard enough. The case that I have been working on involves a guy charged with the death penalty because they believe that he murdered his wife out of cold blood. Then to add to this tragic tale, my farther was the cop who arrested and prosecuted this man and he is the reason why he is on death row now.

That file had all the proof I needed to prove that he was set up and that someone else came and framed him for the murder. There is so much more to this city then just its bright lights and boutique stores. This city, my home, has gone to the villains and swindlers of the modern day. I guess I must start the day with my mission to make it right. Just one innocent person at a time. My little business is a small town house that has been renovated into an office with cubicles and technology. We run off of charity of donations from wealthy business and people.

This little office though, means to world to me and my employes. Time and dedication is what brought this tiny town office to it now standing glory. But none of it matters if I can not do my job right, like by losing that one file. As I walk into my office I see the usually busy bees of everyone calling, writing, and working to do their jobs. My office door is open and I see that my secretary has left a sticky note on my laptop. One thirty appt. for Mr. Gerald, South Pines Prison
~love, Samantha.

Just what I needed, to face a client without the evidence I promised him. I will just have to make do and reword the information to make it sound all smart and lawyerish. As I leave the prison it reminds me of how much I love the sun, the fresh air, and the freedom. That place who use a make over and a lot of air fresheners. Mr. Gerald is confident about his case, but his psychotic break outs are causing me difficulty.

The constant reminder that they are after me next, how brave I am for helping him. Boy... prison does things to a man, even one who is sane, or at least I am certain he is. I look down to see my phone bleeping, reminding me a lunch break. I look down at my watch and notice it to be twelve thirty. This day is flying by and I know what I will need is one relaxing shower to get rid of this filth and eerie feelings I am leaving with the jail.

What to eat, what to eat. Nothing looks good enough to settle my growling stomach. Perfect a little china restaurant called The Great Wall. How ironic that it is now, serving a Japanese buffet. I pull my little blueberry into a small parking lot. My car might not stand out with the fancy sports cars and land rovers here, but its color and that fact it is a small bug does it justice.

I open the door to be overwhelmed with the smell of frying oil and something I do not quite know. But anything sounds good enough to eat. The nice little man comes and take my order of the first soup I see. I look around and notice the small but fine details this place holds. Small wooden seats with dragons carved into the legs, round tables with painted gold symbols and different characters. But this place does not help my nerves.

The little man, that looks like he has seen many things, comes back with my bowl of soup and in his palm he laid out a fortune cookie. One that looks home made, not in a wrapper. I decide to go by my rule and eat desert first. I grab the cookie and it was still warm and crack it in half. A small paper falls out and lands on my lap. I open the paper which was folded into small tiny triangle.

As I open it all the breath rushes out of my lungs. The following message said: "Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing..."

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