Lost But Found

May 16, 2013
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Lost But Found

One day there were a group of friends who were sitting down enjoying breakfast that Harry had made while trying to decide what to do that day.
“How about we go camping this weekend and come back on Monday morning!” Niall shouted like a child.
“Sure!” Ashia exclaimed without hesitation. “I’ve never been camping before. It sounds like a lot of fun.” Everybody looked at her like she was crazy.
“That’s it then we are going camping. Everybody go get their bags packed for the weekend we will come back on monday afternoon.” Liam said while still looking at Ashia like she was crazy. Everybody went to go pack their bags and as soon as they all were outside and ready for the trip they were on their way to the campgrounds.
While everybody else unpacked, Lindsey and Ashia went for a walk to check out what their was to do at the campgrounds. They walked around and noticed a lake, a mini golf course, a bunch of hiking trails, a couple parks around the area, about two picnic areas, and a river made for canoeing. They knew there were probably more things to do than that but they decided to go on one of the hiking trails instead of looking at what else to do. They kept walking for what seemed liked a half an hour or so.
“We should start heading back soon I’m getting kind of hungry,” Ashia complained.
“Yeah, sure. That’s probably a good idea. And when are you not hungry,” replied Lindsey. After Lindsey and Ashia left, Cara and Taylor left a little after they did saying they were going to join them.

“I wonder where the girls went it has been almost an hour,” Liam wondered while you could tell Niall and Harry were thinking the same.

“They probably went to the park or got food, you know Ashia, she probably got something to eat and went to a park to play dragging Lindsey behind her,” exclaimed Harry with a little laugh clear in his statement.

“See I think that is them now,” Harry said looking off into the distance.

“Yeah, but only Cara and Taylor. Where are Ashia and Lindsey?”

“I have no idea,” Niall said confused.

“Well, Cara and Taylor probably know. Here they come now,” Liam said confidently.

“Did Ashia come back here?” Cara said as soon as she stepped foot on the campsite.
“No. I thought you two were with them,” Niall asked nervously. He knew something wasn’t right either and by the looks on everybody elses face they knew too. They searched for her most the night and fell asleep when they got back at four in the morning. They woke up at nine to look again and still didn’t find her. Niall was an emotional wreck along with Harry and the others worried just as much, maybe a little less, but just didn’t show it. After looking for a long time they were all split up into groups cara and Taylor went to look by the hiking trails, harry Niall and Liam all went to look by the river. Harry, Niall, and Liam decided to have lunch because they hadn’t eaten in twenty-four hours, but Cara and Taylor were still searching.
“Let’s call Cara and Taylor over, I bet they are as hungry as we are right now,” Liam said thoughtfully.
“Sure that is a good id...” Niall started to say but stopped after he heard yelling close by.
“What was that?” Harry asked slowly. By the looks on everybody’s face, they all had the same thought and started running toward where they heard the yelling. They showed up by the hiking trails and split up to look for any sign of Lindsey or Ashia, and they forgot all about Cara and Taylor. When they came to what they assumed was what they heard before, they couldn’t believe it. It was Lindsey! But they still had no sign of Ashia, Cara, or Taylor.
“Lindsey! Are you okay? What happened? Where is Ashia? Where have you been? Where is Cara and Taylor, have you seen them yet?” Liam questioned worried, but relieved that they found her.
“I am fine, I was taken and left here; I haven’t seen Cara or Taylor since we got here.” Lindsey replied rather slowly yet nervously.
“So there were two people and you seriously haven’t seen Cara or Taylor since you and Ashia left?” Harry finally asked after being silent.
“Yes and yeah, they both stayed with you two while me and Ashia went for a walk, didn’t she?” Lindsey questioned now confused.
“They both said they were going to catch up to you and walk with you two,” Niall said suspiciously. They all exchanged glances and they saw somebody run. They were wearing a blue string bikini and jean shorts, just what Ashia packed for the trip. She ran until they couldn’t see her because a tree was blocking her way, but they looked on the side she was running from and there wasn’t anybody or anything chasing her.
“Hey isn’t that Ashia,” Harry questioned but it came out more like a statement.
“Yeah!” Harry yelled excitedly. They all ran after her and ran into Cara and Taylor instead.
“Where have you two been! Where is Ashia?! Why?! Why would you do this to your best friends?” Harry asked close to tears because he really couldn’t believe they did all of this.
“We were looking for Ashia and Lindsey. We haven’t seen them. What are you even talking about!” Cara yelled seriously not knowing what they were talking about.
“You and Taylor took Ashia and Lindsey! But why?” Harry asked.
“No, we didn’t! How could you think such a thing! We were helping you find them,” Taylor finally exclaimed. Liam, Niall, Lindsey, and Harry all seemed confused.
“Wow, I am so sorry. We better keep looking for Ashia maybe she saw who it was,” said Liam. They looked in the direction they thought they saw her running and saw her! She seemed to be looking for somebody.
“Ashia! There you are! Do you know how worried we have been! Who took you? Did you see their faces?” Liam questioned rapidly acting more like a father than a friend.
“Nobody took me,” Ashia said quietly.
“What do you mean?” Niall asked slowly.
“Harry you don’t see how much I like you, but you like Lindsey,” Ashia said now talking to Harry and spat out Lindsey’s name like venom.
“You...you wanted to get rid of me to get Harry?” Lindsey stuttered.
“Yes okay! Yes I did! I’m sorry. Harry you belong to me can you not see that. No, wait! Of course you can’t, you are too blind to even notice,” Ashia said turning from sad and apologetic to angry.
“And you know what I would have gotten rid of her and you, you Harry Styles would’ve forgotten about her. Nobody would have ever se...” Ashia got cut off by the sound of police sirens. They looked back to see where they came from and they were right behind all of them. They all looked around with a questioning look and all looked at Niall who was smirking and talking to the police. Then he pointed at Ashia. Ashia got put in Handcuffs and tossed in the police car. Finally everybody was safe.

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