5/7/13 Story Part Two

May 7, 2013
I didn’t know how to react to this. I went around searching for my phone as I heard his distant voice say “Hello?” over and over again. Finally coming to find it under my cat I picked it and she meowed at me.
“Hello? Sorry I dropped my phone…” I said in a soundless whisper.
“No problem,” He laughed “So what are you doing tonight?”
Seriously this guy I met last night found my number and is now asking to see me tonight. “Nothing why?”
“I wanted to hang out with you again… I had a great time last night and well I want to know you more.”
I freaked, I wasn’t sure to say… I mean I didn’t even know this guy’s name!
“Okay sure,” I nervously giggled “but um, I don’t even know your name and you don’t know where I live so?”
“It’s Sterling. I was hoping you would meet me at a park maybe?”
I whispered his name to myself, what an odd name for such a modern day and age. Then again when you have friends named Reality and Starr you realize that things aren’t what they seem.
“Sterling, okay I got it. Yeah, there’s a park near my house I guess we could meet there?”
I bit my nails, not sure what to expect, he was the one who called me first.
“Sure, text me the details?” He seemed excited, a little too excited. Yet, again, some people are just like that.

“Will do.”
I giggled into the phone and clicked end, quickly texting him when and where. I had an hour to get ready and I looked like I had just gotten run over by a truck. I scrambled to get upstairs barely reaching the top without tripping over my own feet. My cat followed though not as quickly, then found her way into my closet sitting on the outfit I had worn for my first date with my last ex. Laughing I picked up my cat and petted her furry little head then placed her on my bed. Taking another look at my now hair covered outfit I had to wonder if I really should wear it again. The dress was a mini with a pleated skirt black and red danced along the hems of the skirt. The top was more of a bodice and was built like one too; the same colors swirled in and out of view giving me a small headache like it always has. I remembered when I first found the dress, in a thrift store not far from the school. I laughed as I see my face again. I was astounded that something like this dress had still been on the rack, it was gorgeous and fit me perfectly, and it was mine from the second I laid eyes on it.

Slipping on this dress again felt different, it didn’t give the same magic it once did. My cat looked up at me and seemed just as confused as I was.

“Zaylee!” My mother was after me again. I turned the corner in my dress and looked down the hall for her.

“Yeah mom?”

“Oooh pretty, I haven’t seen you wear that since you and—“I stopped her there was no reason to bring up old wounds to anybody.

“Yes mom, since that. Now did you need something?”

“I was going to ask you to do your laundry and such, but looks like you have plans…” She seemed a little conspicuous and turned around without another word, shrugging her shoulders.

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