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Lucy, I Promisse

John Cooper walks to his daughter. “Hello Lucy, my special daughter. How are you?”

“I’m good, Papa. What about you?” says the little girl, Lucy.

“Good,” John says. “It’s summer now. It’s sunny and hot. Not cold or cool. It’s very good weather for camping.”

“And fishing and playing tennis?”

“Yeah. I like traveling in the summer. I also like playing my guitar outside. And I sing outside. Your mom likes shopping, talking on the phone, doing yoga, playing volleyball and exercising outside.”

“That sounds like fun.” Lucy says sadly.

“Yes, Lucy. My favorite activity is swimming. My favorite swimsuit has guitars on it. Your mom wanted to buy a swimsuit with cherry blossoms for you.” John says.

“I want to go bowling! ! I want to cook with Mom! ! I want to skate! ! I want to get together with friends! ! I want to look at the beach and the sea!”

“Lucy, I-”

“I want to go your concert! ! I want to miss the bus like a normal girl! ! I want-"

“Lucy! I promise we will go skiing in the winter when it snows! I promise we will go swimming in the pool!” John is very, very sad. “I promise we will have lots and lots of fun when I meet you in Heaven... I’m so sorry I can only give you flowers and a song instead of a life....” John sets a boque of flowers down on Lucy’s grave and walks away. Lucy continues to sleep in her tomb, waiting for both her Earthly parents and Heavenly Father.

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