The Evil Queen

February 27, 2013
By tinyteenie2 GOLD, Alliance, Ohio
tinyteenie2 GOLD, Alliance, Ohio
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I paced the throne room several times until I devised my scheme I walked to the garden and looked at my three apple trees, and picked the biggest and reddest apple on the first apple tree. Then I placed the apple in the basket located in my right hand, smirking. I walked into the castle and headed for the kitchen.Opening the heavy, creaky door I walked towards the counter, placed the basket on it, and headed to the cabinet, taking out a very strong poison and deadly snake venom. I opened the drawers underneath the sink, grabbing a large bowl and stirring spoon.
I removed the cork from the bottle of poison and carefully poured out its contents, then I added half the bottle of snake venom, took the apple from the basket, and carefully dipped it into the deadly mix. I heard a bubbling and hissing as the apple absorbed the bowl’s contents. Once the apple soaked in all of it, I carefully placed the apple back in the basket and left a note saying the basket was to be filled with the king’s breakfast immediately. I knew the servants and cooks would not look in the basket when they rushed to fill it.
I hid in the back of the kitchen. On the list of food the king must have for breakfast, they saw that two apples must be placed in the basket; one servant looked and noticed one already in there. The servant just shrugged and placed another apple inside the basket, along with the rest of the items requested on the list. I quietly snuck out of the kitchen when the youngest of the servants left to deliver the basket to the king. Heading for Snow White’s room, I heard the soldiers coming in, so I hurried my pace to her room.
Once reaching her room I saw the beautiful child asleep in her bed, and I truthfully feared waking her, but I did not want Snow to hear the news that was about to be spread across the kingdom so I gently shook her to awakening. As soon as her eyes opened, she asked me “ What is it Mother?” I said to her quietly and calmly “ We need to leave the castle right now” Snow looked at me confused and asked “ What about father?” I answered “ He wants to separate us forever and I do not want that to happen. Do you?” She replied back quickly “ No mother I do not want us to be separated forever.” I smiled then said “ Then we must go now.”
Snow got up from bed and began put on her boots and her coat. I grabbed a thin blanket and packed extra clothes in it, and found one of the royal walking sticks and tied the blanket bundle onto it. Snow pulled the hood on her coat up and we quietly left the castle, walking out into the sunshine. The dark woods were two miles north of the castle, and I planned on taking Snow there. It was a place where no one would go in willingly due to the beasts I let live and grow there, it would be the safest place for Snow.
We ran until we reached to middle of the valley, and I gently pulled Snow behind a cottage that contained no windows on our side. Once the few soldiers left to head back to the castle we returned to our running to the dark woods. Soon the day was turning to dusk, and Snow was getting tired. I found a hollow tree that was very close to the dark woods and we crawled in. We both fell asleep, letting the drowsiness fade and the pain from the long run cease.
The next morning I awoke and stretched and then looked around the inside of the hollow tree, noticing Snow was nowhere to be seen I quickly get out of the hollow tree and look for her.
I decided to look for the dwarves home that Snow spoke of in her sleep , a small little cottage where seven little men plus a prince taken shelter and made a home. I walked quickly but quietly to the cottage and spotted Snow she was speaking to the prince, curiously I walked towards Snow who smiled and said, “ Hi Mother.” The prince shook my hand.
Then Snow informed me that she was cooking for the prince and the dwarves, but also for me, if I wanted to stay for dinner so I did. Now we live happily ever- after, and Snow knows nothing of what I did to her father.

The author's comments:
This piece was a project in my Creative writing class we had to take a fairy-tale and put it in the view of another character and change it a bit.

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