Dirty Blood Part 5

March 14, 2013
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Her eyes plead me to accept her, but my mind was screaming at me no. After all, she was a werewolf, my nemesis, our species’ number one predator. I couldn't just her let live, knowing that she could possibly slaughter us all in a few bounds. But then again, I could not kill her. I seemed physically unable to do so. As Alice walked up to her and stroked her massive head, a small inkling of care and sympathy overrode my natural instinct.

“Carlisle, what is this?” I questioned quietly, still staring in wonderment at Chalice.

Carlisle only shook his head, amazed with what he was seeing as well. His eyes could only roam over Chalice’s fur covered body, taking in every detail, every little thing that he could, so that it was possible for him to record it in one of his many books he secretly kept. This was the first time anything like this had been seen or heard of. Never had any of us read about a half vampire half werewolf.

“I do not know. But I shall call her a halfling. With her half vampire and half werewolf blood, she could be capable many, extraordinary things! But now, she is weak, a mere shell of her full potential. If only we could get what she needed...” he said excitedly, trailing off in thought.

Chalice only sighed and rested her muzzle on her paws. The giant nails protruding from the toes made me cringe, and all the more thankful I wasn’t on the receiving end of them. Her hazel eyes half closed, a watered down look making them seem glassy. But I knew that it was sadness, self pity and hopelessness that clouded her eyes. The way she had glanced at me, with need and begging, should have been enough to melt any heart. But I had shunned her, only returned her gaze with a stone cold glare.

“Chalice, please look at me.” I whispered, kneeling down by her side.

Her head swung up and around and her tail did a small thump against that earth as her eyes met mine once again. Alice moved her hand away, drawing it back to her body with a look of pleased happiness and a small inkling of disdain as the smell of werewolf overrode her sensitive nose. I smiled faintly, only to jump back in surprise when Chalice bared her teeth at me. They glistened with saliva, and shimmered in the light, making them seem huge and menacing. Then, with dawning realization, and figured out that she was just smiling, because a soft, kind look was set in her eyes.

“I am sorry, Chalice. I really am. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t..” I faltered for a second and I saw Chalice’s face fall a slight bit. “I should never had given you that look. The shock of the moment got to me and I was not thinking straight.”

Her eyes hardened a bit though, despite my sincerest apology. She turned her head away once more, and her ears laid back against her skull a bit. I laid my palm against her shoulder and felt her tense up underneath my fingers. A small bit of hurt registered in the back of my mind, but I knew that I deserved it. I could tell that she had liked me, whether or not it was just a crush or something more, I wasn't sure.

“Chalice, why don’t you just change back? We can talk better that way.” Alice prodded gently.
Chalice bobbed her head and stood up in a huff. This time, her feet stayed planted firmly on the ground, and as she shook out her thick fur, I could see the power that was stored in her body, the pent up anger, hurt, bewilderment. All of the emotions that roiled beneath the surface of her misty eyes were there, and barely contained.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” I pushed.
Chalice sent me a beseeching look and lumbered into the forest. Her modesty was strong and she wanted to be covered. I didn’t see what she was going to cover herself with, considering her clothes had already been ripped up in the crash, and reduced to shreds when she shifted. And there weren’t big enough leaves to cover the necessary parts of her anatomy. I tapped Alice on the shoulder and nudged her towards where Chalice had disappeared in the tree line. She got my message and skipped into the woods, snapping back branches and twigs behind her.

Carlisle was whispering to Esme, his lips forming words no human would be able to make out. The lightning quick conversation was over in a matter of seconds, and both of them turned back to face me, Rosalie and Emmet. Emmet was grinning from ear to ear, already having heard most of the conversation between the the two adults. Rosalie looked none too happy, an unpleasant look spread across her face in clear disgust.

“Looks like we are going to have a halfling in our midsts.” crowed Emmet.

Rosalie rolled her eyes as a few squeals of excitement seeped from between the trees. Alice and Chalice came flying out of them at the same time, Chalice accidentally crushing a few massive trunks in the process. Leaves and bark went sailing through the air as she did this, causing a sheepish grin to appear on her sparkling face. Alice hugged her and jumped up and down, doing a girly happy dance as Chalice just stood there and ducked her head.

“Those clothes look a tad small.” I commented as Chalice tugged at the bottom of the slip that meagerly covered her thighs. A small cami was stretched taut across her semi busty frame.

Alice grimaced and adjusted her slightly loose shirt, flattening it against the waistband of her skirt. Jasper, who had been standing silently off to the side draped an arm over Alice’s shoulder, drawing her near to his chest and kissing her hard on the lips. Chalice looked away and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. I smiled but quickly hit it as she snuck a side look at me. If she could blush, I had a feeling she would be bright red. I sauntered over to her and brushed my hand across her cheek which was temperately warm.

“Hey there.” I said quietly, leaning in to her ear.

A small shiver coursed through her stony body before she turned away and crossed her arms. A scowl deepened on her lips, turning them downwards in a frown. Small lines creased her forehead and her hands clenched tight against her sides. I sighed, releasing a small laugh with it. Her frown did not dissipate but instead seemed to deepen.

“Why are you displeased?” I questioned lightly

She turned to me and her gaze softened the slightest bit, before she slapped me hard across the face.

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