Dirty Blood Part 4

March 3, 2013
By SimplyC PLATINUM, Council Bluffs, Iowa
SimplyC PLATINUM, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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Pain exploded once more in my body. But this time it was not fire, but ice. Ice and aches. Shifting and moving around, rearranging. I knew from the moment that man bit me, it was bad. Very bad. I could feel something move inside of me, an awakening memory. It was as if that at that moment my instincts had kicked in. And now, it was making an appearance.

“It...hurts!” I panted to Edward, writhing in pain on the ground at his feet.

A frightened look was spread across his face, and alarm was growing apparent on everybody else's as well.

“What’s happening to her?” Esme was asking the blonde man.

He shook his head and grabbed my hand, rubbing his thumb across the top. The small, simple gesture was touching, seeing as this man did not even know me. None of these people knew me, yet their kindness was shocking. The pain did not diminish though, but instead seemed to push out, bursting from beneath my skin. And in an instance, it was over. Only a reverberating echo pounded on the inside of my skull. Gasps and hisses reached my ears, making me raise my head to look around.

Everything was in sharp, clear detail. Almost sharper than my vampire vision. My hearing was sharper as well. It was like the invisible currents in the air were roaring in my ears. Around me, the once friendly group of vampires now looked hostile and cold. Their faces were twisted up in confusion or hatred, their gleaming teeth bared white at me. I looked around, not realizing what was going on. Why were they all staring at me. Just a moment ago, I was the new vampire, the plaything, the amazing newcomer. Edward, the golden haired boy seemed to like me, admire me even. Esme and Alice had a special liking for me that I had accepted gratefully. And Emmett and Carlisle were friendly enough, although not completely warmed up to me, nor I to them.

“What is she?” Rosalie asked disgustedly.

I huffed and attempted to stand up again and confront this Rosalie chick. Her attitude problem was beginning to grate on my already short nerves. As soon as I was on my feet, I was going to pummel that perfect face, that ice cold stare of hers was going to disappear beneath my fists. But when I tried to stand, it was as if somebody took there foot and swept it under my legs. They flew out from under me, landing me back on the hard ground. I couldn't exactly say that it hurt, more just a bit of a shock.

Small snickers flew from person to person, causing me to turn to each and every person, until I was craning my neck over my shoulder. I started when I saw a furry tail making circles in the dust, and screamed when I saw that it was attached to a body, which was attached to me. But instead of a scream, a long, high pitched howl tore through the dry air. I slapped a hand, or paw, over my mouth, which was actually just a long muzzle with skin stretched taut over elongated teeth.

“Again, I ask, what is she? Rosalie repeated, looking about ready to rip me apart.

I glanced back at Edward, my expression turning crestfallen when I saw that his face was twisted up in something I couldn’t identify as supportive. Esme’s eyes were squinted, her mouth turned into a half frown, and he hands clasped at her waist. Carlisle looked about the same, and had an arm around Esme’s shoulders. Alice and Jasper both stood stock still, although Alice had a pleasant smile on her face. Jasper was staring intently at me, his lips pursed and his body leaning towards me. I could feel myself calming down, and strangely enough accepting the fact that I was being hated.

“Didn’t you see this?” Esme asked Alice, a frustrated tone slithering into her voice.

Alice simply nodded and bounced up to me, laying a small hand on my head. I pushed into her rubbing fingers, enjoying the sensation of them. Edward was still scowling at me, but unless I was mistaken, there was a glint of care and sympathy that once again sparked in those topaz eyes. A small part of me wished that he would come over and take Alice’s place, to comfort me in this rough time. But for now, I could only sit there and weep into Alice’s shoulder at the humiliation that clouded my better judgment and mind.

The author's comments:
The fourth segment of the Dirty Blood fan fiction.

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