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February 14, 2013
By morganalexandra GOLD, Germantown, Kentucky
morganalexandra GOLD, Germantown, Kentucky
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The date is February 14, 2013. Valentine's Day, and Amethyst had no idea what to get her boyfriend, Bentley. No matter what she looked at, nothing was perfect. So hours later, she would have nothing to give him. Finally, she found the perfect thing, she had bought it and wrapped it in red paper with pink hearts over it, it was the only paper they had. When they had met up and she had noticed he had a little package about the same size as the one she had in her hands. When they had exchanged gifts, and had opened them, both she and Bentley looked very surprised. It seems that both of them had the same idea on what to get each other. When their parents had asked what they got each other, they both showed their left hands. They each got a beautiful ring, they had looked similar to wedding rings.

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