Bob in the City

January 30, 2013
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Bob stood at the bus stop, his suitcase in one paw and his lunch-box in the other. The entire town had come to see him off. Tortimer, the mayor, was standing in front, leaning on his cane and smiling. Next in line were the three pelicans, Pete, Pelly, and Phyllis. Behind them stood the rest of the villagers, standing close around as they shouted their farewells to Bob. The two loudest were Bob's closest friends, Alfonso and Lucky.

Finally the bus pulled up to the bus-stop, and the doors open. Bob solemnly steps up into the bus and gives one last wave goodbye to all his friends. He walks to the middle of the bus and takes a seat.

Kapp'n, the driver of the bus, leans around to look at Bob. "Where to, lad?" He asks.

"Just take me wherever." he replies, with an adventuresome smile.

Kapp'n smiled and hit the gas, driving away from the cozy town Bob had known for almost all his life. Bob sat back in his and watched the scenery go by; bright blue lakes and rolling green prairies flew by his window as the bus soared across the asphalt.

After a couple hours of driving, the bus came to a halt at the foot of an ornate-looking bus-stop. Bob paid his fair and exited the bus. He was greeted by a huge city, with skyscrapers towering above him, people bustling to and fro on errands of their own. Long concrete roads wove their way in between the towering structures with dozens upon dozens of cars, driving this way and that. However, with all the modern beauty this place exuded, Bob wrinkled his nose when he took a sniff. Acrid and dank, the air smelled of garbage and smoke, the latter of which he could see plenty, bellowing from a factory off in the distance.

Trying to look past the horrid stench, Bob bought himself a map and began a tour of the vast city that lay before him.He roamed the streets, soaking in the sights of the beautiful metropolis. On his tour, he visited numerous gift shops, from which he purchased many items.

Bob, being a rather quick decision-maker, decided he might like to live here. He checked his wallet, which was running rather low on bells. Upon seeing this, Bob merely shrugged and decided that he would need a job.

He combed the streets for "Help Wanted" signs. He found few, and the ones he did find were for run-down and disgusting looking places. As much as he needed the money, Bob was not about to work in such a place.

Finally, Bob found a place he thought might be okay to work at. It was a small store, made of wood that looked hastily put together and, to be honest, it looked rather shady. But despite all that, the inside was clean and fairly orderly. The name of the the shop was "Redd's Market", though Bob thought he saw the word "Black" had been scratched out in between the two words.

The owner of the store, Redd, was a shady looking fox. He wore nought but a dark blue apron across his front. His eyes were small and dark, and seemed to flit from one place to another, no doubt keeping an eye out for the authorities.

Bob signed himself up for a four month probation (Redd wanted to make sure he wasn't an under-cover cop) and only then thought he might need a place to stay.

He wandered the streets once again, looking for places to rent. He finally happened upon one that looked nice and was fairly cheap. The owner's name was a kindly, old cow named Patty. She was kind, gentle and kept a very tidy house.

The room Patty offered him was clean and smelled of fresh pine, the source of which being a pine bough sticking out of a large blue vase. The walls were a light yellow color, and the ceiling had small birds painted on it. (Bob had reason to believe that Patty had painted them herself) The bed was big and plush, with a thick comforter on top. Satisfied, Bob happily rented out the room.

After Patty had left the room, Bob plopped himself down on the bed and looked up at the ceiling. He knew that living here would be very interesting. Little did he know how much of an understatement that was.

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