January 18, 2013
By Emma-Riley PLATINUM, No, Other
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I close my eyes as the water begins to rise. I know what’s coming. I know what’s going to happen next.
They know that I’m not going to talk. They know that they won’t get a single word out of me. But they pretend. They try to justify what they’re doing to me, by acting like there’s a chance I’ll speak. They know better though.
They just enjoy watching me suffer.

The water is at my thighs now and my eyes sting as they try to bring forth tears but cannot. They have long since run dry.

The water is past my knees. And that’s when I hear him.
“Katniss,” he moans at first. It’s soft. Just barely audible, but I can hear it. And it gets louder. “Katniss!” he begins to scream franticly. “Katniss! No! Katniss!” they found his weakness. It’s the girl. They show him videos of her being tortured just like us. They’re fake, but he can’t tell the difference. They’ve messed him up so badly.
They can’t do that to me though. I have no one. I have nothing left.

The water is to my waist. I know what comes after this. That evil snake is going to tell me that he’ll stop the water if I tell him what I know.
“Johanna,” speak of the devil. “We can stop the water at any time you know. Just tell us-“
“OH SHUT UP!” I scream. “You’ll torture me anyways! You’re a liar and I don’t want to hear your fake pity!”
I swear, the water begins to rise faster.
Fine. Whatever. They can’t break me.
They’ll have to kill me first.

Peeta’s screams pierce my heart. “NO! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! GET OUT! KATNISS!” I feel sorry for him. It’s probably worse for him.
The water is at my neck.
I close my eyes again as it inches higher, claiming my chin. I take a deep breath.
It takes my lips. I suck in more air through my nose.
The water takes that too.
I squeeze my eyes shut.
They are taken.
Already my air is running out, soon my head will be all the way covered. It won’t last for more than two minutes; I’ve counted the seconds every time. They will keep me alive, but just barely. Barely clinging to life. And then, they’ll do it again.

The first wave of electricity shoots through the water, and I can’t help it. I open my mouth and scream.

The author's comments:
In the last book of the Hunger Games Series, Suzanne Collins doesn't go into a lot of detail on what happened with Johanna and Peeta as they were being tortured. we know that Peeta is Hi-Jacked, and that Johanna's had something to do with water... so i decided to fill in the gaps. this is what happened to Johanna. ^-^ Enjoy!

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