December 20, 2012
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Cuddling like two love birds, my husband, Zayn Malik and I sat on the couch, sharing our love with the rings around our fingers and the love in our hearts. Forgetting about the cold icy blizzard outside, we sat as one, my head embedded in his chest. I was slowly falling asleep with the beat of his heart. Our souls became one starting from the eighth grade, and we were secretly dating until prom night when he asked me to be his everything. And until now he was the key to my heart, and I was the love of his life. It was a cold winter night in Bradford, England, we were watching the usual 8 P.M. shows, when I looked up at Zayn to see if he has fallen asleep. He looked down at me and our eyes met, his dazzling hazel eyes staring into my soul. And his irresistible smile began to appear on his perfectly carved face. Our lips met, as the we got lost in the kiss, the doorbell rang.
"Who is coming this late?", I asked him with a blank face.
"I have no idea...", Zayn answered. I was quite mad because whoever it is has no respect for coming this late without informing us. He got up, walking towards the door the bell rang once again, he hurried up and opened the door, it was my best friend Harry. When I saw him my anger flushed away, Harry always had a special place in my heart. Without him our relationship wouldn't have lasted. He was the only one who knew about our secret relationship in our years throughout middle school and high school. He would always make everything work out between Zayn and I when we would get into our little fights or problems. He helped and supported me every single step of the way. He is a true friend.
Zayn went to the bathroom, and Harry walked into the family room.
"Hey! How are you?", I said as his mesmeric cerulean eyes glared at me and his heart warming smile illustrated on his face.
"I'm great love! And you?", he said while he set his coat and scarf off to the side.
"Good?", I said as he hugged me. To tell you the truth, I know Harry is my best friend, but almost every time he hugs me I get butterflies in my stomach. According to the other girls in school, he used to be one of the hottest guys, but I never saw him more than a true friend. He sat down on the one seater coach right across from me. When I got a good look of his face I got anxious, and troubled. His face was considerably pale, and underneath his eyes were light brown bags, it seems like he has been crying.
"Harry is there something-".
"Hello mate, hows everything?", Zayn said cutting me off, when I wanted to ask him what was the matter.
"I'm fine pal, how about yourself?", he replied.
"I'm good, how's the weather out there?", Zayn asked trying to spark a conversation.
"It's freezing outside, like every year at this time temperatures below zero, and its still October...", he said in a tone of voice which was uncommon to Harry. I went to the kitchen to get some snacks to nibble on. While grabbing the bag of pretzels out of the cabinet I heard the kitchen door open.
"Do you know what is bothering Harry, he isn't acting like himself today?", Zayn said with a worried voice. That question was driving me crazy... but I didn't know the answer.
"I wish I knew, he looks like he has been crying, or something. Right?", I said in a low voice not wanting him to hear us.
"I don't really know. But why would he come so late in this kind of weather, without even telling us!?", he said in an annoyed tone.
"...We can't keep him sitting alone any longer", I said putting the three bowls of snacks on a tray, and headed outside. Zayn followed me, and I placed the tray on the coffee table. It was nine thirty, an hour passed with conversations that would start, but die out immediately. It was unusual how Harry hasn't thought of leaving yet. To kill the silence I turned on the television and put on the weather channel. Commercials were on so we all began to watch, but in the corner of my eye I could see Harry looking at me or maybe...staring. I became insecure, and unsure of what was going about in his mind. To feel safer I laid my head on Zayn's shoulder, and he wrapped his strong yet gentle arms around me. I started to become rather sleepy, and I was sure Zayn felt the same.
"Well the weather isn't getting any better, it's snowing worst than before", Zayn said, trying to give Harry a sign to leave but without hurting his feelings.
"It sure is", Harry said standing up and stretching. I really didn't like the idea of him going home in the freezing cold and dark, and there is a blizzard.
"I'll go to the restroom, then I'll get started on my way", he said. When I heard the bathroom door shut, I felt really bad for not offering him to stay hear for the night. But I didn't want to make the decision without getting the 'yes' from Zayn.
"Zayn... Do you think we should offer him to stay for the night. You know it's really cold outside and it's really dangerous for him to drive in the snow and ice. He could just sleep in the guest bedroom for the night. It wouldn't be a problem, right?" I said in a sweet and soft voice.
"Well I guess he could...but just for tonight, ok?"
"Ok, I'll go get the sheets for his bed, goodnight!", I said then kissed him on the cheek.
"Goodnight", he said while walking to our bedroom. I got up and took the tray back to the kitchen, then I went to the guest bedroom and I fixed the sheets.
"Zayn told me I was sleeping hear for the night." Harry said, still with his depressed voice. I wanted to ask him what was wrong but maybe I would just make it worst, and maybe I didn't have anything to do with it. And I know if he wanted to tell me he would have, I am his best friend...
"Yeah, we didn't want you to go and drive in this kind of weather. You never know what could happen", I said while walking toward the door were he was standing.
"Thanks you're a great friend, goodnight ", he said while wrapping his arms around me. And again the same butterflies fluttered into my stomach, but this time stayed a bit longer. His hands didn't let me go until I softly pushed myself out.
"Goodnight", I said in a straight and dry voice, that I would use with everyone else except Harry. I walked straight out, and went to the bathroom, I brushed my teeth, and put some lotion on, just thinking about how Harry has been acting today. If Zayn had seen Harry hug me like that, I'm sure he wouldn't let him sleep hear the night, or ever again. I walked out of the bathroom, and I think I heard a sob. I walked on my tippy toes toward Harry's room, the sobs becoming louder and louder, and every time I would hear one, it's like someone would stab me in the heart.
I took a deep breathe and walked in. He was sitting at the end of the bed and his face was buried in his palms. He didn't notice me walk in so I came near him and sat on my knees in front of him, and I took his hands in mine, to reveal his eyes filled with tears, but not one yet has fallen. His tears weren't like others, I felt like they were caused by me. Our eyes met, it wasn't the first, but it was the first to feel like he was looking far beyond the flesh covering my bones, but... my soul.
"I love you", he said, my heart stopped. The three words that I was scared of the most, especially because he was my best friend, the one person who I told my deepest secrets to, that I wouldn't tell anyone else, even Zayn. The one who helped me get through the hard times in my relationship with my true love, Zayn. He always had a special place in my heart, but could never replace Zayn's.
"I love you... as a friend".
"... I know...".
"Your still my best friend, and I hope I'm yours, but nothing else, I am sure nothing is going to be the same from now on".
"... I know...".

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