Death is now among us

December 13, 2012
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Hey" I said trying to light my cigarette "Hey” the guy next to me said" I’m Tyler Leech that is... what are you doing out so late? Aren’t you only 500 years old?"
"501 today" I said being a smart ass "Anyways why are you out so late? It’s like 3:00 pm that's early for you isn't it?" he said giggling “Not my fault my damn hell hound wouldn’t shut up!” I said rolling my eyes chuckling “Oh bummer” He said patting my shoulder (I want to tell him about the news but I don’t know how he’ll take it) “Hey I have something” he cut me off “hey babes I gotta go... My girlfriend is waiting he said looking at her. (Girlfriend?) I try to stop him “Joseph?” he was gone then all of a sudden my friend comes to my side. “Hey Michelle did you tell him yet?” she said hiding her wings. “No he left to see his girlfriend” I said annoyed. “What girlfriend? He has a girlfriend? After what he’s done to you?” She said getting mad and desperate to come through to me. “Yeah but I don’t care. It’s not a big deal” I said reassuring her. “Michelle, it’s a huge deal he knocked you up then left you doesn’t that bother you?” she said worrying. “No cause he’s the dad, he has to be here with me it wouldn’t be fair I might put it up on adoption though. It’s what’s best for my kid right now.” I said crying

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