Kratos's Revenge

December 17, 2012
By Anonymous

“RAAAAA” roared Kratos, Zeus’s son. He came for revenge. After throwing Kratos and abandoning him it was time to get his revenge. Hades had come from the dark and casted a wicked spell on him and made him full of rage and anger. He was in much rage. Kratos arrived at Olympus seeking his father. At Olympus he smashed pots, destroyed garden after garden and slayed some satyrs. As he got to the top of Olympus he saw Zeus. He was sitting in his throne. “Welcome son” said Zeus. ‘I don’t come here to talk” said Kratos. After he said that Kratos jumped at Zeus and swung his sword
Kratos then sliced, ripped and thrashed at Zeus but he disappeared as soon as Kratos attacked. A flash of lighting came and Kratos had all of sudden been chained. In front of him his father appeared. “Why son why” Zeus said. Next thing you know Kratos was falling into the deep pit of Tartarus. It was sad to see his son go like that but it had to be that way.

The author's comments:
just letting my mind run free

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