December 14, 2012
Amethyst and Bentley looked around and smiled, they knew they we blessed. They had three beautiful children, Jasmine, Brody and Mystery. Jasmine has dark red hair and eyes that look lime green, she is skinny, and her hair is down to her mid-back. Brody has cropped light brown hair, skinny and starting to show some muscles. Mystery, however, looked just like her maternal grandmother, dark red hair, darker than Jasmine's, bright green eyes, and a lillte body. Jasmine is ten, Brody is seven, and Mystery is one. Right now they are at Amethyst's parents house, watching them play with their new toys.

“Mommy, look what I got!” Little Mystery said as she walked over to Amethyst.

Yes, Amethyst knew this was something that she was glad she had.

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