The first meeting

December 7, 2012
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My story I keep telling my parents was when I was 5. It was Easter time and I went to go look for eggs because that’s what every kid does on this holiday. I had gotten lost from them and I was following a path of brightly, colored eggs. My tiny hands had gotten full from trying to hold them all and I saw that I was in a place that was bright and colorful. The eggs grew legs and I followed them like a marching band. “It smells like grapes and sugar.” I said sniffing around. “Good nose.” Someone said and I saw that it was a Gray, furry Pooka. “Bunny.” I said going to him and I touched the fur that was on his arm. “What are you doing here?” he asked kneeling to my height. “I got lost.” I said and he nodded his head. “I see. Got a little head strong today? What’s ya name?” he asked in his Australian accent. God, that’s hot, even for a 6 to 7 foot Pooka and by god, he was in shape! So in shape. “S-Sammy.” I told him and he ruffled my hair with his paw. “Will you be able to hold on if I gave you a ride back?” he asked and I smiled. “Yeah.” I said and he helped me on his back, grabbing a hold of his fur as he stood up. “Hold on tight.” He said tapping the ground with his foot and a hole came. I laughed as we went through the tunnel and soon, we both saw my parents. “There you go.” He said kneeling again so I could get off and I held onto his hand. “Will I ever get to see you again?” I asked and he pressed his pink nose against mine. “If you believe in me, I will protect you forever.” He told me. “Forever?” I asked. “Yes, now run along.” He said and I went to my parents. He smiled and he left through his tunnel. “Happy Easter, ya little ankle bitter.”

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