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The Messy Father's Day

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Happy Father’s Day, James,” Lily said while rolling over in bed to look at him. She had to brush away the messy dark hair that was covering his face.
He smiled and said, “Thanks, honey,” while giving her a kiss, “I couldn’t be a great father without you by my side.”
They stared at each other like that for a while, forgetting the world around them when there is a loud-WAAA!!!-and they have to jump back into reality to take care of their baby boy, Harry. James was about to get up, but Lily stopped him saying, “This is your day, rest.”
“No,” he said back to her, “It’s called ‘Father’s Day’ for a reason. I’m going to spend today with my favorite son!”
“You mean, your only son,” corrected Lily.
“Same thing,” said James with a shrug. He walked out of their room to the one to the right of them. Harry was in his crib still crying. “Come here, mini – me,” James said as he picked up his son and gave him a kiss. He lifted Harry high up towards the ceiling and spun him around. Harry started giggling like crazy. “You like that?” James asked him as he kept spinning him. James joined in on Harry’s giggles.
James decided to stop spinning Harry and bring him downstairs for some breakfast. “What do you fancy for breakfast, son?” James asked Harry as he got on Lily’s cooking apron that said, ‘Kiss the chef’.
“Pan-a-cak,” Harry replied.
“Pancakes it is!” James said as he got out the flour, eggs, and milk. “Now, do you know how to do this, Harry? Because I don’t,” James said laughing. He wasn’t a very good cook. Nonetheless, he was still going to try no matter how bad it turned out. “Let’s get started!”
James took out a big bowl and put in a lot of flour. The powder from the flour filled the whole kitchen. The kitchen looked as if a smoke bomb exploded. It made him and Harry cough. “I think that’s enough flour,” James said with a smile. Next, they cracked some eggs and put them in the bowl. It wasn’t such a good idea to let Harry crack some of the eggs because the shell got stuck in the batter. James had to fish out the million shell cracks in the bowl. It seemed to take forever, but they finally got out.
Then, James put some milk in the pancakes. He kept pouring until Harry said, “Good!” Harry and James mixed the batter together until it was as smooth as butter. They then put the batter on a pan on the stove and cooked them. James wasn’t very good at flipping the pancakes. There were seven failed attempts, but then he got the hang of it. Finally, the pancakes were done!
“Breakfast is served!” James said as he put a plate of pancakes in front of Harry. James looked at Harry while he picked it up and took a bite. As Harry was chewing he made a weird face and spit out the pancake in James’ face. “I guess you didn’t like it,” James said as he wiped the pancake off of his face. Harry started laughing and pointing at his dad. “You think this is funny?” James asked, “Well, it won’t be so funny when it happens to you.” James took some flour from the bag and put it in his hand, and then he blew it into Harry’s face. “Payback!” James said with a smile.
They continued with their one-on-one food fight until Lily walked down the stairs. “What bloody happened!?” she asked in horror. The kitchen was a mess! There was flour and eggs all over the wall. Harry’s face looked like he took a bath in flour and the ‘kiss’ on James’ apron was completely invisible.
“It’s funny what a one year old can do when they get mad,” James said, obviously kidding. Lily smiled; her husband’s humor could get him out of any trouble.
“Just clean it up, ok?” she said.
“Fine,” James pouted like a little kid. The rest of the day James and Harry spent some father-son time together cleaning up the kitchen. It was one of James fondest memories with Harry. Harry still has a picture of him and his partner in crime cleaning up the mess.

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