The Video Diary (Chapter 1)

November 1, 2012
By mshriner97 BRONZE, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
mshriner97 BRONZE, Plattsmouth, Nebraska
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Chapter 1

Being famous isn’t easy; especially if your Liam Payne from One Direction’s little sister. My name is Marissa Payne, but close friends and family call me Missy. Currently, I’m 17, soon to be 18 on August 29th, which is oddly the same birthday as Liam; the only difference is that he’s a couple years older than me. I’m currently in the latest season for the X-Factor while the boys are finishing their tour in America; honestly it’s interesting here because I was also thrown into a group that was oddly called “5 Ways”. Our motto, that I made up and totally brings up the moral, is “One crew, One direction, 5 Ways to get there”. My band mates are Mirana, Jazabell, Lara, and Thistle; Thistle is a Brit like me while Mir, Lara, and Jazzy are Irish. A couple things about me that you should probably know is that I play the piano and guitar pretty well and, as Liam would put it, is a very gifted girl to be able to dance without the need for lessons or training. He jokes that my first steps were steps to a dance move. *rolls eyes* Brothers…

In the X-Factor flat……

“Hurry up, Missy!!” I groaned at Mir’s impatience and quickly finished getting dressed into a blue and purple plaid button up and denim shorts before sliding on a pair of socks and my beanie. I attached my purple suspenders to my pants and double checked my hair before darting out of my room, suspender straps hanging free and tickling my legs; deciding to be lazy, I slid down the hall on my socks effortlessly and slowed to a stop in front of an impatient Mir.

“What took you so long? And did you just slide down the hall in your socks?” She asked, the others giggling.

“Hey, I have to look my best for our last video diary and no, I flew down on my butt, of course I slid in my socks!” Thistle burst out laughing and the other laughed with me.

“I swear you’re worse than Louis off of One Direction……” She muttered while walking off.

“I’m going to assume that was a compliment and make it one if it wasn’t!” I called after her while the others continued giggling; I skipped down to the stairwell and sat comfortably in the middle while Lara and Mir sat below me and Thistle and Jazzy sat above me. The camera started recording after we were situated and Jazzy was the first to pipe up.

“Vas happening?! I’m Jazzy!!”

“I’m Thistle!”

“I’m Lara!!”

“I’m Mir!!”

“And I’m Louis!!” Thistle laughed with me while the others gave us strange looks, causing us to laugh more; eventually she calmed to quietly giggling and I smiled.

“Kidding; I’m Marissa and this is video diary 11!! WOO!!!” We cheered for a moment.

“Is it really 11?” Lara looked up at the rest of us.

“Yeah and unfortunately our last one for now.” Mir stated and I made a face.

“Then we better spice this one up a little more than usual, huh.” I looked at the other girls and they nodded in agreement.

“Like in all the video diaries before, we’re going to answer as many of your questions as possible!” Lara’s thick Irish accent rang out.

“Ooh I love questions!!” I smiled brightly while the others giggled. I pulled out a slip of paper and Thistle looked at me quizzically.

“Where did you get that?” I looked up at her and tried to not giggle.

“……I don’t know……”

“Pocket unicorns, it’s gotta be.” Jaz stated.

“……I don’t know……” We giggled and I sat up straight and adjusted my black-rimmed, slimmer –than-“nerd” glasses like a posh person while attempting to maintain a straight face; I let a small cough and giggled with the others.

“Okay, so the first question is from Emily and she wants to know what we would be doing right now if we hadn’t auditioned. Well, I’d probably be off at college by now studying animal science…Jazzy?”

“Oh um...I’d probably be attempting to open and run a bakery next door to the college Missy would be attending.” The girls giggled and I brightened up.

“OOOH would I get a best customer discount?!” I looked up at her as she looked down at me.


“WOO!!” The girls laughed while I fist pumped for a moment.

“Moving on; Alli is curious to know what we would do if it was the last day of our lives.” Lara spoke with this serious-like tone to her voice while we continued giggling. Mir piped up first.

“Right so if today was the last day of me life, I’d probably go cliff-diving.” Thistle giggled and went next, using her Irish accent over her natural British one.

“Well, I’d probably go spend some time with me family until the last few minutes then I’d come back and die with me band mates and friends.” Mir, Lara, and Jaz laughed at her accent use before smiling and saying “aww” at the end; I reached up and pat her cheek.

“I’d die with you too, Thistle.” I said with the best serious tone I could before giggling with the others. She reached down and pulled my beanie over my face while the others laughed and I had a “seriously?” look on my face.

“Unfortunately our dear fans, we can’t tell what song we’re doing for our finale but we can give you a preview!” Mir spoke and I felt someone pull my beanie up enough to reveal my goofy grin before pulling it back down.

“Know what I am?! Bleh I have hair in my mouth!!” The girls laughed while I made a face that was hidden.

Meanwhile in the One Direction flat……

“I’m hungry, Liam!!” an Irish accent rang out before its owner walked through the door, football in hand. I chuckled and looked at the small, blonde bloke standing before me with his intense blue eyes looking down at me. I stretched a bit and stood up from my comfortable position on the sofa before heading into the kitchen with him following me.

“Shouldn’t you be bugging Harry about this, Niall? You know how all our cooking skills are…”

“’Bugging Harry’ about what?” A low toned voice cut in as the slender, curly-haired lad walked in, covered in grass stains and dirt. I sighed before noticing that Niall was also covered in grass stains and dirt.

“Can’t you guys play one game of footie with out getting so dirty?” Niall and Harry exchanged looks before looking at each others clothes and shrugging.

“NEVER!!!” Shouts Louis as he pops in from outside, muddied up as much, if not, worse than Harry and Niall put together. Zayn strolls in as well, double-checking his appearance real quick before looking at the rest of us. He had a grass stain here and there but not as bad as the other three.

“Footie just isn’t footie without getting all muddied up, Li.” Louis looked at me, using his innocent voice and child-like, puppy-eyed look making the others snigger quietly.

“Yes, well, before anybody does anything else, you four are going to march upstairs and shower after you leave your stained clothes by the washer so that I can treat them.”

“Yes, Daddy…” Lou joked before walking off, Harry and Zayn following him.

“Hey, Liam?” I looked at the young lad before me. “Has 5 Ways made a new video diary?”

“I don’t know, let me check, ok?” Niall nodded before hopping off to the washroom, leaving me with my thoughts in the now empty kitchen. I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose before going back to the living room and opening the internet on the computer. While waiting for that to open, I cleaned the carpet that the boys carelessly tracked mud through as the sounds of showers starting upstairs pierced the silence that formed down here. Soon, four clean boys strolled downstairs in sweats and tees, Niall pestering Harry about making food for him.

“How come you’ve got YouTube up, Li?” Louis asked, peering at the screen in curiosity.

“Niall wanted to see if 5 Ways has a recent diary up yet.” I said simply, causing the two quarreling over cooking pause and look at the computer curiously and Zayn to look up from his phone.

“Have they?” Zayn asked.

“Umm…” I typed in ‘5 Ways video diary 11’ and a new diary was just posted. “Yeah; gather ‘round lads, time for a video.” I smiled and clicked on the video link while the boys stood around the computer.

“Uh, Harry, down in front, please.” Niall spoke, unable to see the screen.

“Oh, sorry mate.” Harry stepped aside and gently pulled Niall forward as the video started. I chuckled at Missy’s goofiness while the guys watched intently.

“Agnes is curious to know what we would look for in guys, so…Thistle?” Jaz looked over at Thistle.

“Hmm……I like guys who…um probably have a great sense of humor……” Jaz nodded.

“Missy?” She thought hard for a moment.

“I like guys who…eat Oreos!” Of course she’d say something like that; especially if she’s munching on one at the moment. The guys and I chuckled while the girls giggled.

“What? It’s the first thing that came to me mind!” She shouted in defense, causing the girls to start laughing.

“Fine; no Oreos for you guys.” They all mocked a gasp in horror and started apologizing like mad, making us laugh now as Missy held a smug smirk on her face.

“That’s what I thought. Here.” She offered Oreos to each of them and giggled at their silenced puppy looks.

“It’s like watching slow torture here…” Niall mumbled.

“And why is that? Is a certain somebody fancying one of these fine ladies?” Lou smirked at him and Niall shook his head furiously, a blush starting to creep up and onto his cheeks.

“No……she’s eating Oreos…and I can’t get any!” He whimpered and Lou giggled.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Ni.” He continued giggling and looked back at the computer screen; I didn’t realize it, but we laughed through the rest of their clowning around until the end.

“Unfortunately, this is the end of our video diaries so tanks for supporting us throughout the season and hopefully all your voting will pay off tonight.” Jaz said with a mixed tone of cheeriness and sadness.

“So farewell everyone!! You’ll see us again!! Tonight for the show!!” Missy shouted dramatically, beanie over her face; Thistle giggled and reached down, quickly pulling off her beanie.

“AAAAHHHH THE LIIIIGHT!!!!!!” She shouted, causing Lou to fall over laughing with the rest of us and the girls.

“I cannot see!! I cannot see!! What have you done?!” Missy wailed, voice thick from trying not to laugh like the others.

“Maybe it would help if you had these on?” Lara held up Missy’s glasses and continued laughing when Missy looked at them with a pokerface.

“Oh……yeah that would help.” She giggled and put them on as the screen faded to black, signaling that the diary was done.

“They’re like a girl version of us!” Louis managed to choke out between fits of laughter.

“Yeah, only Marissa is the complete opposite of Liam.” Niall giggled out. I looked over at him and sighed. If only you knew Niall…if only you knew.

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