Harry The Homeless Man

October 19, 2012
By , lyons, IL
On an early Friday morning, in the mean streets of Berwyn, all the people are at McDonald's waiting for their breakfast before heading off to work. Every regular costumer from this McDonald's in the Cermak Plaza, would have to pass that one neighbor hood homeless man. The homeless man name was Harry which made sense because buddy he looked like he never had a groom in his entire life. Harry’s age was about 47; his age was about 47 because he dropped out of pre-kindergarten. There is no I.D. for Harry since he used all his belonging in a fire to keep his old wrinkly warm one cold winter night. Therefore, he assumes he is 47 because 47 is his favorite number. People always recognizes him because of his blue eyes along with his tarnish skin colors and his dried up dread locks he grew out to use as a scarf. Especially his oversizeed brown mud stained coat, only coat he owned and needed. One customer was so kind that he threw him some Addidas shoes that he had worn to the bottom. Most of all, his cameo book pack he would leave outside the McDonaldd's doors where so many people would trip over it. Everyone would recognize him from yards away because of his huge pockets with cameo shorts. The thing was he didn't have much to put in them. All the money had was four quarters, a dime, a nickel, and two pennies. Harry always had CTA bus cards hoping that one might work whenever he needed to go across town, and whenever he wanted packs of saltines, he would reach into his back pocket and fulfill his cravings.

Now what made Harry so kind wasn’t for his looks but for him being so talkative! There can’t be one person the passes by him without him trying to start a three hour conversation. He would shake everyone’s hand as if he knew them for his entire life. Nobody wants to be near him since he stank like cigarettes smoke off his old coat he wore.

After all the nonsense Harry seems to have him into, he’s a lonely man. His biggest fear is to die alone and not to have anyone show up at his burial.

Anyways, on the Friday morning one of the McDonaldd's costumers are trying to walk through the door. The man goes by a name, Derrick. Now Derrick is an Iraq Vet. From straight out of high school to a full year overseas fighting Bush’s war. Derrick is only 19 years old but he looks 25. He’s a lean cut guy with the weight of about 180 pounds and 6 foot tall. Derrick is tan light skin and has blackish brown hair. He decided to throw on a black and white V neck to show off all his tattoos, along with cameo pants and army beige boots that went up to his calve. For a vet he liked to be a clean cut with a fresh hair cut every week and a half. Since a grenade had blown up in Iraq by a terrorist, he needs to wear glasses, because his eye vision isn’t like it used to be. Derrick was on break, which he worked for as a bank Transporter, picking up money and dropping it off in a heavy as married vehicle. What suits Derrick on his days off is the shooting range that he lives down the block from. Ever since Derrick left Iraq he always wanted join the marine corporal. Although he had a hard life, he tries to stop smoking cigarettes. This might sound corny but the only thing that can hurt him is some girl that he loves to cheating on him or leaving him for no reason or explanation.

Once Derrick approaches the McDonald's doors he can clearly see bummy, old Harry. Now, Harry decides to be big shot with the wrong guy, Derrick. Harry stands right in front of Derrick and demands him to give up some money for liquor down the block. Derrick, and the soldier he is, decides to tell Harry as kindly as possible to move out of his way so he can eat breakfast and not be late to work. Harry is to wild up to calm down at this point and just decides to grab some money out his pocket. Derrick grabs Harry’s’ hand before he can touch it and fights Harry onto his back pack. All of a sudden the cops show up to see what trouble Harry caused now. Harry is put into hand cuff’s and sent to the police station, while Derrick gets a free breakfast from the greetings of a McDonald's manager for taking care of Harry. Now, everyone can eat at peace at the McDonald's in the Cermak Plaza.

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