July 27, 2012
Svein walked through the dark halls of the Sith Sanctum in the Citadel, eager to meet the newest addition to The Empire’s Blade who was sent by the Dark Council for Svein to approve. The Royal Guard bowed before Svein silent as ever as he entered his new office which was formally his old mentors. Sith apprentices gathered around Svein as he came in to seek wisdom from the Sith Lord. Svein smiled and pointed out a holocron that they might look at in his personal collection and made his way to the interrogation chamber in which his new ally was waiting. As Svein entered he saw that someone sat cuffed in the center of the room with a black interrogation hood placed over their head. Svein knew that no new Republic Spy was delivered for him to interrogate. He looked around the room for his volunteer, but found no one.

Svein walked up to the supposed prisoner and pulled off the black hood. Suddenly, sheer horror rushed over him as he stared into the tearful grey eyes of the prisoner.

“Azra”, Svein croaked as he put a hand over his forehead.

“Svein”, said Azra voice filled with rage.

Svein kneeled to Azra’s level trying to think through what was going on. Then he noticed a shock collar was placed around her neck.

“Azra what’s going on; I was here for a new candidate for a new pro-“

“Don’t you see brother”, exclaimed Azra her voice furious,” I am your candidate”.

“You said you would never choose a side”, said Svein in disbelief.

“I didn’t, stupid”, said Azra looking over at her collar,” They chose for me”.

“Who”, asked Svein putting an arm on Azra’s shoulder.

“Your Sith buddies on the Council”, said Azra.


Then the room was silent, but Svein felt something almost a warning through the Force.

Suddenly, Azra’s arms flew out and embraced Svein her handcuffs hanging over her right hand.

“I just need my big brother right now”, said Azra sobbing.

Svein wrapped his arms warmly around Azra as he spoke,” Were you free this whole time?”

“No”, replied Azra hugging Svein tighter,” I just knew you were an idiot so I freed myself while you were interrogating me”.

Svein smiled slightly and continued to hug Azra comfortingly. Then a thought hit him that distressed him greatly.

“Azra did someone find out”, asked Svein seriously.

“About me leaving the Children”, whispered Azra.


“Someone did.”

“I’m so sorry Azra.”

“Don’t be. I just wish that…”


“I have family in the Republic. A family who was forced to choose too.”

A tear rolled down Svein’s face and he closed his eyes tightly,” I won’t make you fight them”.

Azra backed off and looked into Svein’s eyes,” I have to”.

Svein stood up and walked towards the door,” I swear that I will make it up to you Azra”.

Azra walked up to Svein and kissed his cheek warmly as she whispered in his ear,” I love you”.


“You always knew how to ruin the moment brother”, said Azra as she went back to her chair.

Svein smiled as he exited. This war was going to be a difficult one and he needed her to get through it.

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