The ring

June 6, 2012
By Fareeha BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
Fareeha BRONZE, Baltimore, Maryland
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My family was going to Barnes Island for vacation. I was really excited for that. When we sailed away on the boat, I saw the waves; fell in love with their voices. It was simply beautiful. As we arrived near the island, I got very excited. My grandmother came along with my family for a special reason. Before we were going to get on the boat, my grandmother told me, “I have a very special surprise for you, darling.” I got doubly excited. I told her to tell me what is was, but she told me I had to wait till we got there on the Island.
I just couldn’t wait for it. What could it be? What was that special surprise that grandma wanted to give me? Why me? She told me that our ancestors have been passing it on to the oldest daughter in their family, and I was that.
As we arrived on the island, I was very happy and very excited for the special surprise that my grandma was about to give me. I went straight up to her when we arrived and asked her what it was.
“Can’t you wait, darling?” she said.
“No, I can’t, Grandma. I just can’t.”
“Just a few more minutes.”
“Huh, what do you mean by just a few more minutes? I’ve been waiting since forever, Grandma.”
Then we all went to our rooms and got some rest.
Before we were going to go outside to look at the place, I went to grandma’s room to ask her about the ring.
“Are you ready to give it to me now”? I asked.
“Darling, be patient. We came here for a vacation so I’ll give it to you later.” she said.
After a while, we all walked around to look at the place. I was walking with my grandmother because I knew at any point now she was going to give me the surprise. How long was I going to wait? I just couldn’t any more.
She finally took my hand and told me to close my eyes and hold on my hand. I closed my eyes and she put it on my hand. It was a diamond ring, bold and beautiful. I just loved it. She then put it on my finger.
Then I remembered before we got on the boat, grandma told me a story. It was about this ring, and it was very special to her. She told me that this ring was her grandmother’s, and our ancestors had this before her. They kept passing it on. It was a very special ring because there was a secret behind it; the ring had magic in it. Along with the ring came a book that had all the spells inside it. I was super excited.
“Thanks, Grandma,” I said.
“Now don’t do anything stupid with it because you don’t know anything about it yet. I’ll teach you this stuff later on,” she said.
“But when, Grandma? I want to learn about it right now.”
Soon we went home and rested because we got tired of walking on the island. I went to my room and opened up the book that Grandma gave me because I wanted to see how the spells were written. They were big bold letters and after I saw them, I closed the book because Grandma told me not to touch the book until she hadn’t taught me something about it.
It was morning and we all were at the breakfast table. We had a lot of plans because we felt much better than the day before. We wanted to explore around the island. I didn’t want to go anywhere else except back to my room to open up the book with grandma and see how everything worked. Then I went up to my grandma to ask her if she could stay home with me instead of going out.
“Grandma, can’t you stay home with me today and teach me about the spell instead of going out?”
“We are here to enjoy ourselves so just relax right now, ok?” she said.
“Not even a tiny bit, Grandma?” I said.
“Not right now,” she replied.
Right by where we were staying, there was a jungle. My family and I decided to go there and check it out. As I was looking around, I thought the place was a bit weird because there wasn’t much to it. I mean nothing seemed interesting to me anymore. Then I figured out that nothing seemed interesting because my whole attention was on the ring and the book that came along with it. Once again I went up to my grandmother and asked her to go back with me and check it out. She told me just five more minutes and then we would go. I gave up on her and walked away.
I went up near the ocean and took out the ring. Yes. I never told grandmother that I had the ring with me the whole time. I just couldn’t keep it away from me anymore. As I took it out, I just stared at it for a while and then I rubbed on it to see if anything happened just like they show in the movies. A few seconds later, it started shining and I had no idea what was happening to it. Then I kept thinking of going home without telling anybody because otherwise they wouldn’t let me go alone. My mind was just on the book because I wanted to see what was inside of it.
“What kind of spells could there be?” I said to myself.
After like a minute, the ring was gone. It was gone! “How could that happen?” I said.
I just freaked out when this happened. My mind just blanked out after the ring disappeared. I had no idea what to do. I certainly didn’t want to tell my grandmother about this because I didn’t want her to get upset since the ring meant so much to her. She trusted me with it.
I went up to my parents and told them to go home with me.
“Why? What’s wrong, honey?”
I just wanted to go home at this point. I had no time to answer anybody’s questions. I then turned and walked away. As I was walking toward the place, tears started falling out of my eyes. All of a sudden, my life turned into confusion. I ran straight to my bed and lay facing down on it.
“What is the matter, honey? Grandma asked.” Look into my eyes and tell me what is the matter”. I had no confidence at all telling her the situation at the time. I was all confused and didn’t want to tell her anything. She made me get up from the bed and asked me what the matter was.
“I lost the ring, Grandma! I lost the ring!” Finally I said it.
Her response just confused me from head to toe.
“That’s it? That was the reason why you were crying?” She patted on my back and told me to sit down next to her.
“Here, Hun, have some glass of water,” she said. “Now tell me how all of this happened.”
I told her how I didn’t tell her about taking the ring with me and then when she refused about not going home with me and after that I took out the ring because I had it all the time. I told her that I rubbed it, and it disappeared.
“So this is the matter? Don’t worry we got this covered.”
“Go get the book and open it,” she said.
At that time, I just had no idea of what she was even trying to do. What was the book going to do? The book was no use without the ring.
“Now open it up. Open it up, honey,” she said.
My eyes were shut the whole time when I had the book in my hands because I was just too much worried about the ring being gone.
“Now open up your eyes,” she said.
There it was. The ring was inside of the book. I was too excited to see the ring back. She told me about how all this happened. When you rub the ring and think of going to the place where you want to go at that point, your ring appears there before you.
I just had no idea what was going on because I was just relieved to see the ring back. Finally it was on my finger and I would let nothing happen to it anymore. I just needed to read the book now and figure out this whole magical ring spells and its history about it.
As soon as I learn how to work with the spells, the first thing I will do is take my grandma somewhere far away from here doing the magic. I want to go where I’ve always wanted to go since childhood. I might go to a different country to learn how it is living there and how the culture over there is like. My grandma and I have always been interested in learning new stuff and trying it after so that’s why we decided to go to a different country where it is totally different than ours and learn new stuff about it.
It had been weeks since Grandma had put the ring on my finger. I had been learning the spells very well and so I was ready now to try it out all by myself without anybody’s help so I went up to Grandma to tell her that let’s go somewhere using the ring. I knew that she wouldn’t reject me because she would love that, too.
“Grandma, let’s go somewhere out of this country using this ring since I am ready now to try it,” I said.
“But where, Hon?” she replied.
“Let’s go to somewhere in Europe,” I said.
“It’s fine with me, but first we have to tell your parents about this because it’s important for them to know where we are going. You know how much I love going to other places and experiencing new things there,” she said.
“I know, Grandma, that’s why I came here and asked you about going somewhere far from here,” I said.
Then my grandma and I went to my parents’ room to ask them if we could go to Europe. They told us that it was my first time so just be a little bit careful, and then all of their rules came along when they said be careful. Grandma told them not to worry because she was going to be with me. But their lecture kept going on since that is what parents are supposed to do. We sat there for an hour listening to them.
“I think we’ve got it, Mom and Dad,” I said.
“We know you do, Hon, but it’s very important for us to tell you all this since it’s your first time,” Mom replied.
“It’s ok, guys, don’t worry. I’m with her.” Grandma said.
“Ok, but just remember what we said,” Mom said.
Finally I heard the word “Ok” from Mom or else who knows how long she would have kept on talking about her rules. Thanks to Grandma for interrupting her. Now I was all set for my trip to Europe. Then Grandma and I went to our rooms to do the packing. I packed everything that I needed to take with me, especially the book, just in case I don’t mess anything up.

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