Mercusio Montaguen

May 25, 2012
Hey! Tis I! Mercusio Montaguen, I am 17 years old, I live in the society of Vorania , I attend Vorania High School, and I’m a Beautiful Viewer. I’m kind of a rare specimen, since I’m a male Beautiful Viewer, and a lot of the boys I used to play with became Logical Viewers after we took the Determination test. I do however know why I was determined a Beautiful Viewer, it’s because I’m extremely poetic, I love writing poetry, I worship Shakespeare and I enjoy just living life in general. Once I became a B.V. I began to drift away from my old pals, Tommy Andrew and Paul Simmons since they became Logical Viewers. I began searching for B.Vs, it took a while until I found one, and I also found the most beautiful girl in the world, her name was Azalea Anrayes. Along with Azalea I met Gianna Grazianna, Venita Vatrani, Aleyna Atroene, Beatriz Bernovia, and Octavia Ordrania. I felt kind of odd in a group of girls, until I met Tony Ray Tereno. We all became a group of Beautiful Viewers. Finally I had found people who thought the same way I did. I began writing poetry when I had turn 14 years old, I had given up all my sports, because I felt that sports was too logical, and I should do more beautiful things, such as writing poetry. The only physical activity I do is dancing. I like who I am now, I was destined to be a Beautiful Viewer.
“Find your destiny, you might be surprised of what you’re capable of.”

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