Waking Up Suddenly

May 21, 2012
By WH4LB BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
WH4LB BRONZE, Wexford, Pennsylvania
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I had just woken up suddenly. Sweat on my forehead and the rest of my body. I check the clock to my right and it reads three a.m. “What just happened?” I wonder to myself. I get up to get a drink of water and suddenly it hits me. I was dreaming of a world controlled by the makers of South Park, the television show. I was made a cut out, just like the characters in the show. I had a house and lived in the same neighborhood as the main characters of the show do. I went on an adventure with the boys too. We were flying to North Korea to see the funeral of Kim-Jong Il. The only problem was that nobody is allowed into North Korea so they attempted to shoot at us but they are so far behind in their weapons manufacturing that they missed us completely. We landed safely but as soon as we got out of the plane there were soldiers there to kidnap us. I was so terrified that that had to have been what woke me up. But no, I still remembered more. They locked all five of us into a prison cell together that had one flickering light bulb that could go out at any second. From what I can recall several weeks had passed and the only outside interaction we got was that everyday a soldier would slip us a bowl of water for all four of us to share. Until one day a soldier came into one of our cells and shot Kenny in the face and said something about him being our food. The shock was so abysmal that I woke up. But again I still remember more from this dream. We were eating Kenny. We would eat just about anything because we were so hungry: even our best friend. A month must have gone by and we were waiting for the day where another one of us got shot in the face. Just then, the prison door flew open and the soldier had something to say, “Hack Zarvey?!?” That wasn’t my name but h*ll, it was close enough. “Here…” I replied nervously. “Your parents waiting outside fo you!!! Leave now!!!” the solider yelled. “Thank God!” I thought to myself. “I’m finally going to get out of this god forsaken place!” I turn the corner and see Elton John and his husband there; waiting for me with open arms. “Ahh!!!” I screamed and woke up suddenly.

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