Dreams Can Come True

May 18, 2012
By Chardinee BRONZE, Kent, Washington
Chardinee BRONZE, Kent, Washington
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I finally got paid so my friends and I decided to take a bus and go to the South Center Mall. It can be fun hanging out with my friends when they are not fighting over boys they see that they like. There are not very much cute boys here. I only have one crush, he is in a boy band and he is the only one I have my eyes on. “When are you going to get a boyfriend” Stayce said. “Don’t trip, I’ll get one soon just watch” as I smile thinking about Jacob.
My name is Marionna and I am a funny child, that’s what others say. I seem to look like my mother, she is very pretty and nice everybody loves her. But enough about her we are talking about me. Most people say that I’m a good friend because I tell the truth about everything, and others just don’t like the truth all the time (which is weird to me) so they decide not to hang out with me. But it’s whatever, I am going to continue being Marionna.
As I sit in the lunch room with my friends thinking about other things other than listening to them talk about boys like they always do, I felt someone tap my shoulder. When I turned around I couldn’t believe who was standing in front of me. “Hi.” It was hard to speak, Jacob, my crush was standing in front of me talking to me. “Hi”, I replied back. “Can I talk to you privately,” Jacob said “Sure,” as I see my friends laughing and whispering from out the corner of my eyes. I don’t even remember what happen next, all I know is now Jacob and I are going out!!!!!!
Roberta, she used to be my friend, until she took my other boyfriend Trey, and I found out she is trying to get with Jacob. So after Jacob told me what Roberta said to him, I walked up to her to confront her. “Hey, girl long time no see” she said as I walked up to her. “you know what im over here for, you really want to get beat up!!! You need to back up, I don’t want to see you talking to him again…” before I was finished my friend came moved me away, I was so close to hitting her. Im so glad I didn’t though because, I know that fighting her and getting suspended is not worth it. Jacob and I been together for 3 months so far, and I haven’t heard from Roberta ever since then.

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