"Let Me Love You" Chapter 4 Catfight

May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

(The next morning, Louis went off for a stroll and he left a note on the table)
I have gone off for a walk. ~Louis<3
(Chloe was up making pancakes for everyone)
(Everyone was seated at the table except for Nasima)
(Nasima had had a bad nightmare that day and she was shivering out of fear)
“What’s wrong?” Chloe asked.
“I had a bad dream that Louis did something bad and it broke my heart,” Nasima said.
“That’s not true. He would never do something like that,” Chloe said.
(After breakfast, Louis came back home from the stroll with another girl)
(At the stroll)
Louis P.O.V.
“Omg, what’s that, I better get her help!” Louis said.
(He picked up the girl and headed back home_
(Back home)
“This girl needs help! “Louis exclaimed.
No P.O.V.
(Louis puts the girl’s head on his lap and starts to stroke it)
(Nasima was getting jealous)
(As soon, as the girl’s eyes opened, she had many questions)
“Where am I, what happened, and who are you?” the girl asked.
“I am Louis from One Direction, and you blanked out,” Louis said.
(The girl did not scream, but instead told him her name)
“My name is Sumona (Nasima’s best friend),” she said.
(After that, Beauty brought Sumona some soup and Louis fed it to her)
(Then everyone sat down to watch a movie and Sumona cuddled up to Louis)
(Nasima sat by herself and she was getting more and more jealous. Eventually, she went outside and slammed the door)
(Louis came outside and a big fight broke out)
“What’s wrong with you, I hate you!” Nasima shouted.
(Then she ran away without thinking)
“Wait!” Louis said.
(He chased after her)
(After that he jumped on her and stopped her)
“Ouch, Louis, you are hurting me!” Nasima said.
(He got up and helped her up)
“Get away from me!” Nasima shouted.
(She started to run again and Louis chased her all the way to her house)
“No, no, no, don’t pick me up, or else!” Nasima said.
“Or else what?” Louis said.
“Oh ok, don’t do that,” Louis said.
(He put her down)
(Let’s go home because we have to rest up for our big day of school tomorrow)

The author's comments:
Nasima gets jealous, Louis makes a big mistake, and a new character gets involved.

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