Let Me Love You Chapter 3 You Stole My Heart

May 5, 2012
By , NY, NY
(Liam woke up and he saw all the couples aligned):
Beauty and Zayn
Chloe and Niall
Nasima and Louis
Anika and Harry
(But where was Anam?)
“Omg, Anam is missing, I better go find her,” Liam said.
“I will leave a note for the others,” Liam said.
I have gone out to find Anam. I won’t be back till later! ~Liam<3
(He puts on his clothes and goes out the backdoor)
(He can’t bear to see the sight of Anam lying on the floor injured)
(Liam acts fast and does not waste time. He drives her to the hospital quickly)
(He gets a wash cloth and puts it over her head immediately for she is burning up)
(At the hospital)
(Liam calls Beauty and tells everyone to come quickly)
Doctor: She has injured her hand, but nothing serious. She will only heal if YOU, yourself, take care of her.
“Ok, I will, thank you doctor,” Liam says.
Doctor: Here is some Tylenol for the headache and some cream for the hand.
“Thanks,” Liam exclaimed.
(Liam comes out and Beauty is there with the others)
(He tells them everything that happened)
“Omg, I hope she feels better. We will go home and make her some soup,” Beauty says.
“Thanks, I will get her,” Liam says.
(Back in the room)
“Is everything ok, Anam, sweetie?” Liam asks.
(He kisses her softly on the cheek, but she doesn’t respond)
“I will take her home now!” Liam exclaims.
Doctor: Ok.
(Liam takes his shirt off, picks up Anam, and drives her to Beauty’s house)
(Back at Beauty’s house)
(Liam sits down on the sofa and puts Anam’s head on his lap)
(He slowly pats her head and applies the cream and soft washcloth)
(As soon as Anam wakes up she hears Liam whisper into her ear)
“I’m there for you baby, whenever you need it,” Liam whispers.
(Anam’s best friend, Tashla, Liam’s sister, Kenzie, and Liam’s best friend, Katie called)
“Is she ok?” Tashla asked.
“Yea, she is fine,” Liam said.
“Can Katie, Kenzie, and I come over after lunch?” Tashla asked.
“Sure,” Liam responded.
(It was about 11:20)
“Someone, get Anam a glass of cool water, some soup, and her Tylenol,” Liam shouted.
“I’ll get it!” Beauty said.
(Liam helped Anam sit up and held her)
“Here,” Beauty said.
(Liam held the cup for Anam and she drank it)
(He also gave her the Tylenol)
(Then he fed her the soup)
(Then Tashla, Katie, and Kenzie came)
(They got her a card and she felt a little better)
“Watch her, I’m going to get something,” Liam said.
(He went to the store and got her a One Direction C.D. and he made her a song called I Love You)
In other words, I want to say that you’re my sweetheart
In other words I want to say that you’re my baby
There are thousands of quotes to describe you
But these three words mean a lot more:
I Love You
(He then sang it to her)
(She thanks him and they decided to go to bed)

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