Ren and Stimpy: The Black Hole Part 2

April 27, 2012
By Anonymous

BAM! Both Ren and Stimpy were gone! The vicious black hole had consumed them FOREVER, unless the black hole could’ve taken them somewhere else. As they traveled through the wormhole, everything was dark. Nothing was there. All they could feel was the extremely fast rotation of their bodies. But, where were they going?

Pop! A straining eye randomly popped into the air on a dry, red, barren landscape. The odd eye looks around its surroundings. Pop! Another swelling eye appears. Then, one after another, each limb of the rabbit body discovers the new planet. Ren’s newly assembled body floats in space. Luckily, there wasn’t much gravity on the planet so Ren didn’t have to use all of his misplaced limbs to move. “Where am I? What is this place? Where’s Stimpy? . . . Oh my. . . Could it be?! Stimpy is GONE!?!?!? Hooray!

As soon as Ren began his celebration, Stimpy’s buttocks appeared. It began to grow until it suddenly exploded! Gaseous fumes expanded, nearly suffocating Ren. But, the fumes began to condense, more and more until it almost seemed to solidify. Finally, Stimpy’s body was formed! Stimpy, with his -400 IQ, paid no attention to his surroundings, and gracefully swam over to Ren. Once arrived, Stimpy gave Ren the biggest hug in world history. “I love you Ren. I thought we had died!” said Stimpy, with the most sincere affection. Ren screamed! Then, he woke up. . .

The blackness returned. Stimpy could see anything, including himself! They couldn’t feel, taste, or smell anything! Suddenly, an immense, blinding light turned Stimpy’s world white as snow. There were no dimensions, as if they were walking on air in a large, white ball. From what it looked, they could see for miles, yet, they didn’t know if it wasn’t just a plain, white wall, or an eternal plane, stretching on forever. They couldn’t even see themselves. Not knowing what to do, or even to think, Stimpy yelled for Ren. “Oh Reeennn, where are you Ren?” Stimpy was left with nothing but the echo of his own words. “Hmm, I’m hungry!” On the exact moment, a cookie (which happens to be Stimpy’s favorite food) appeared to what seemed to be in front of him. The delicious looking cookie rose upward to Stimpy’s height. A bite-sized hunk broke off of the cookie and went into Stimpy’s mouth. The cookie exploded, leaving a trail of chocolate chip shrapnel all over the flawless ground. “Gee, that was the most awful tasting cookie I’ve ever tasted! I can’t believe it! Soon, Stimpy began to examine the remains of the cookie all over the floor. The bits began to grow! Each piece became a full cookie of its own. “Oh boy, more cookies!” Stimpy cupped his arms, forming a circle, and hoarded the cookies into mouth. He spat them out again. He continued with the same sequence over, and over again. Stimpy started to sweat, but he kept eating, spitting, and scooping. It felt like years of eating. But, eventually Stimpy stopped eating and fell back asleep.

Another light appeared, yet not as bright as the one before. “Get up, boys! Time for breakfast!” said Ren and Stimpy’s mother. “Finally, I’m starved!” Stimpy said as he shot out of bed. A small pail lump slid out of bed, onto the floor. Ren got up and lethargically got up and exited the room mumbling “Another sleepless night…”

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