The Dark Knight - Interrogation

April 23, 2012
By NateFile BRONZE, Princeton, New Jersey
NateFile BRONZE, Princeton, New Jersey
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After I finished my paperwork on the arrest, I went over to the interrogation room to join everyone else. We all stood in front of the one-way glass staring at him; watching him. What was the deal with this guy? I couldn’t tell whether I should be repulsed or deathly afraid of his clown makeup, green hair and disgusting handmade clothing. Maybe both. An official diagnosis had never been done, but from what I had seen, and the other police reports I could tell he had to be some sort of sociopath. A very dangerous one. As much as I didn’t want to deal with him, I had to.
“Has he said anything yet?” I asked everyone.
A few shook their heads. I took his file from a detective watching, and went around the corner to the entrance to the interrogation room. I took a deep breath and told myself this plan would work, and I had backup if I failed. I tucked the manila folder under my arm and opened the heavy metal door.

The room was dark; we did that on purpose to try to intimidate him. It didn’t seem to work. He appeared to be calm under the only source of light in the room; a small lamp sitting on the table behind which he sat. I don’t know why I felt so nervous; he was handcuffed, with the entire police department watch our every move. I really couldn’t have been safer, but I guess that was just the effect he has on people. He sat up straighter in his chair when I reached the table, and smiled.

“Evening, commissioner” he spoke in his signature mock sincere tone.
I ignored him as I sat down. This wasn’t time for pleasantries.
“Harvey Dent never made it home. What have you done with him.” I said.
“Me? I was right here all day! Who did you leave him with?” he replied innocently as he showed me his cuffed hands.
“Okay. Let me rephrase. Somebody under your command, has kidnapped Dent.”
“Ooo now we are getting somewhere.”
I sighed. He wasn’t going to make this easy. It was all a game to him.
“Tell us where he is. You’ve got no out here, you’re locked up in a police station. It’s over”
“Just because I’m here snuggled up with you, it doesn’t mean things are over. Quite the opposite actually. And how can you be so sure that I know where he is? Didn’t you leave him with your people? I mean, they still are your people right? Perhaps their allegiance has...shifted.”
I thought for a moment. He had a point. Heavy surveillance had been kept on him all day, with at least one cop specifically assigned to watching him at all times. How could he have orchestrated this whole ordeal? And my people, he was right about that too. I could feel a distance between ourselves recently, like something else was pulling at them. Were they under his command now? But I had to focus.
“You’re lying. Where is he hidden?”
“No need for name calling... Well, what time is it?” he conceded.
“What difference does it make?” I replied, confused.
“Depending on the time, he may be in one spot, or several.” he said happily.
I stayed silent for a moment. Several spots? Jesus. We couldn’t lose Harvey, he was too important. This was bad, and I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t going to get anything out of him.
“Last chance” I said after a few moments.
“And ruin all the fun? Come on now. That’s not how the game is played.”
“Your choice.”
I stood up, and walked closer to him. I undid his handcuffs, and stowed them in my pocket.
“If you won’t talk for me, maybe you’ll talk for somebody else” I said as I picked up his file and began to walk away.
“The good cop-bad cop routine?” he jokingly called after me as I reached the heavy metal door.
“Not exactly.”
I flicked on the lights and exited the room. I walked back to where everyone else was standing, and watched as the Batman sprung up from behind the table, and threw the Joker from the chair where he was seated, into the walls of the interrogation room.

The author's comments:
I'm a huge fan of The Dark Knight, and I wrote my own take on the famous interrogation scene from the movie from Commissioner Gordon's perspective.

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