The Archie-type

April 21, 2012
One day Jughead was eating burgers with Archie at Pop Tate’s.

Veronica came in.

“Archiekins!” Veronica called. “Are you taking me to the dance tonight?”

“Of course!” Archie replied.

“Good,” Veronica said as she left.

“Oh, no!” Archie cried. “I already asked Betty to go to the dance with me!”

“Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!” Reggie laughed.

Moose punched Reggie.

Midge scolded Moose.

Jughead ate burgers.

Dilton invented something.

Chuck did nothing.

Jughead ate more burgers.

Reggie got chased by Moose.

Dilton’s invention backfired.

Jughead ate more burgers.

Reggie said, “HALP!”

Chuck did nothing.

Jughead ate more burgers.

Ethel chased Jughead.

Dilton invented something else.

Moose beat up Reggie.

Archie sweated it out.

Betty and Veronica came in.

Midge scolded Moose.

Moose said, “D-uh.”

Chuck did nothing.

Archie sweated it out even more.

Betty and Veronica beat up Archie.

Dilton’s other invention backfired.

Jughead ran by.

Ethel ran after Jughead.

Moose put Reggie in a garbage can.

Midge scolded Moose.

Cheryl Blossom came in.

Betty and Veronica beat up Cheryl Blossom.

Betty and Veronica beat each other up.

Chuck did nothing.

Archie knocked something valuable over and it broke.

Archie said, “EEP!”

Mr. Lodge chased Archie.

Jughead ran back into Pop Tate’s.

Trula Twyst came into Pop Tate’s.

Jughead ran out of Pop Tate’s.

Ethel chased Jughead.

And Chuck did nothing.


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TARDISinTokyo said...
Apr. 25, 2012 at 7:07 am
Hey! Nice story. You have really got the feel for Archie Digests, you must read them a lot... The format is cool too. It nicely complememts the theme. 
Non-Porous_RoryTodd_5_Times_Fast replied...
Apr. 25, 2012 at 9:36 am
Thank you for the compliments! And I'm just saying that you don't have to read a lot of Digests to get the feel of them.                           But I do.
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