Clock Work Troubles (Pandora Hearts)

April 19, 2012
By LoneWolf226 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
LoneWolf226 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
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Your heart is on the left side of your chest to remind you that love isn't always right.

Alice smiled malevolently at the red eyed clown who sat on the mansions second story balcony. He was sitting in a chair with his feet kicked up onto the table, and a sucker in his mouth. But Alice was mainly happy to see that Break was sitting out there all alone. It just made her job all that much easier.

She turned around and found the bucket full of boiling water that was not far from her reach. After she hoisted the bucket up onto the roofs ledge she looked down at the stupid clown who was just sitting there. She laughed evilly as she tipped the bucket over, letting the boiling liquid rush out of the bucket and onto Breaks head. But the dark haired girl fell silent instantly when she heard no screams of agony nor when she saw any signs of movement.

The first thing that came to her mind was that someone had gotten to him first. She was guessing that it was that stupid Sea-weed head who had killed Break first. But that did not stop her from rushing down to see for herself if it was true. When she reached the ledge she found that the Mad Hatter had simply never been there, it was just a life sized doll of him.

Furious, Alice marched off the balcony, out of the room, and into the tiled hallway in search of her prey. The whole way her heeled boots clicked on the floor in an eerie echo that sounded angrily off the decorated walls. She turned the corner and found herself face to face with the Devil herself. Lady Sharon had a delighted smile on her face when she caught sight of the now scared B-Rabbit. Alice turned quickly trying to get away from the girl who scared her, but Sharon had already grabbed the other girls arm and spun her towards her.

"Alice-chan have you seen Oz-kun anywhere? Him and Gilbert-san have suddenly disappeared. And so have Oscar-sama and Reim-san." Alice furrowed her brows, and Sharon sent her a death glare.

"Ah, well I-I I'm not sure where they are." Alice stammered and shook her head fiercely. " And why should I! I don't care what Sea-weed head does, but if he hurts my man-servant I'll have to hurt him!" Alice puffed her cheeks out and stormed away from an amused Lady Sharon. Of course Sharon had gotten what she wanted, just a little interaction with the little sister she never had. What amused her the most was Alice's nick-names for Oz and Gil. She almost always called Oz her man-servant and rarely called Gill anything other than Sea-weed head or Sea-weed brain. Sharon smiled happily and walked off with so much joy she thought that it wasn't possible.

Alice continued her search for Break down the hallways, but she hadn't the slightest clue as to where he might be. Then she saw it. The small hard candy in its wrapper was a sure sign that he was near.

A smile spread across the Red Eyed Specters face as he sprung out of the shadows and onto an unsuspecting Alice. She screamed loudly, but noticed then that it was only the clown.

"You stupid clown!" She screamed and took off after Break, who was having the time of his life at that moment. Luckily for him he had a few tricks up his sleeve and managed to escape, though the B-Rabbit kept running down the hallway. Laughing to himself he went to the front entrance of the manor to hang decorations for Oscar-samas birthday party.

All the while as Alice ran down the halls looking for Break, Gilbert remained hidden in the Grandfather clock. He was watching and waiting for his revenge that he would take on Alice and then Break. He heard the stupid Rabbit as she came running down the hallway towards the Grandfather clock that hid him. As she neared Gil reached up and pulled the long metal chain sending the cuckoo bird shooting out of the clocks face and hitting Alice square in the face. She went flying a few feet into the bookshelf behind her.

Gill smiled in sweet victory and stepped out of the Grandfather clock. He already knew where he would find Break, so he headed to the front entrance of Pandora’s HQ. Sure enough there was the Mad Hatter who was perched precariously on a stack of dirty dishes.

The stack was taller than Gill was, and was mainly white plates with upside-down tea cups in the mix. The tower of dish ware swayed unsteadily as Break hung streamers and other random things to the entrance for ‘Oscar-sama’. His birthday was just a rouse so that Gil would be able to take his revenge without anyone getting in his way.

Gilbert smiled maliciously as he tugged out a few plates and a tea cup from the stack. The tower crumbled miserably with everything crashing to the tiled floor, including Break. The Mad Hatter shook his head and rubbed his back as he sat up.

Then he noticed Gil, “Oh Gilbert-san what’s with that look?”

“Nothing and you deserved that.” Gil replied coldly and moved towards Break. He had a crazy but bemused look on his face; his one red eye was slightly haunting.

“Oh, really? Now I wonder what it was that I did?” Break seemed to stop and think about this as Gil came to a stop in front of him. “Say Raven-kun what is it that you are planning?” Break’s lips where cocked in a smile but his one eye said other wise. It was unnerving for Gil, but he refused to give in.

“Y-you made my childhood a-a living H*ll.” Gil tried at first and Break grinned happily. This vexed Gil so much that it made him forget how terrified he was of Break, and he lifted up his gloved hand and smacked Break across the face. Break was utterly taken by surprise by the action, and the black haired Gil smiled happily.

“You made my childhood a living H*ll!” Gil said with confidence this time raising his hand as the front entrances door opened to reveal the blond haired green eyed boy Oz. He had a boyish grin plastered to his face, and saw Gil bring his hand across Breaks face making a loud echoing smack. Oz smiled even more when he saw the red mark that Gil had left.

He happily skipped up to his best friend and smiled charmingly, “Good job Gilbert! Now then let’s go find Alice and steal that cake in the kitchen.” Oz grinned and Gil nodded as they turned to leave Sharon ran in and saw the mess around Break.

“BREAK!” She screamed loudly and was answered by a jumbled mess of stuttering. The two friends left the spacey room and walked down the long hallways leaving behind Sharon’s loud screaming at Break.

The author's comments:
Theme write for revenge in my creative writing class. Enjoy~

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This article has 2 comments.

on Apr. 22 2012 at 8:36 pm
LoneWolf226 SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
6 articles 2 photos 2 comments

Favorite Quote:
Your heart is on the left side of your chest to remind you that love isn't always right.

haha glad u like it :P and yes  Iagree they r trouble makers XD

on Apr. 21 2012 at 3:54 pm
DragonRiddler BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
1 article 0 photos 15 comments
I love it! XD I cannot stop laughing! Ah, what a wonderful group of mayhem makers... :)


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