R&H: Chapter 4

April 8, 2012
By Mary Sawyer PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Mary Sawyer PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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Chapter 4: The Wedding

Ron's P.O.V.

I panicked as mum and dad went up the aisle. Harry and I would be next, and, as George assured me, if I spewed on the way up, Hermione would be revolted and therefore never marry me. Stupid George. He still thinks that he can fool me. Hermione wouldn't just reject me, she'd murder me! Harry spotted my green complexion and slapped me on the back in what I'm sure he thought was an encouraging way, but it really just made me want to go pray to the porcelain god. Suddenly, it was my turn, well, Harry's too, but he'd already gone through this at his own wedding. Surprisingly, I didn't spew, and I didn't trip, and I didn't do numerous things wrong. I was still sweating like mad, though. I think I might have actually fainted if Hermione hadn't come up the aisle right then.

Hermione's P.O.V.

I grinned at Ron as my dad lead me up the aisle. It was certainly cliche, but I had a flashback to all of the times we fought, when we weren't there for each other, when we were apart... I shook my head and all the good times came back. That was interesting. I wondered if I could do it again. Suddenly we had reached the altar, and my father went to stand off to the side. I looked up at Ron (he was now obscenely tall) and grinned. He looked like he was about to wet himself out of anxiety. I bit my lip to keep from laughing and struggled to listen.

"I do." I said, and my smile widened to about the length of the Thames.

"I now declare you bonded for life." said the same tufty-haired wizard who seemed to preside over everything from wedding to funerals. He lifted his wand and little silver stars shot out of the end. I took this as a sign that I could kiss the groom, and I jumped him.

Ron's P.O.V.

Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, Merlin! I thought I was about to faint with lack of anxiety (as it had mysteriously evaporated the moment Hermione jumped me), but surprisingly, I made it until George wolf-whistled.

"Shut it, George." I said, glaring at him. He just curled up with laughter and fell off his chair while Angelina shook her head at him sadly. Meanwhile, Mrs. Weasley and Mrs. Granger were both crying profusely while their husbands eyed them like explosives waiting to go off. Suddenly, the pavilion was disappeared, and picnic blankets appeared with tables full of refreshments. I grinned and started for the table, but Hermione held my collar. Everyone started laughing at us, and I hung my head in shame. Great everyone still thought of me as the little boy who couldn't stop eatin-... My thoughts came to an end as I saw the look on Harry's face as he got up for the speech. Oh no.

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