R&H: Chapter 4

April 8, 2012
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Chapter 3: Pre-wedding

Although Mrs. Weasley was not in a full body-bind curse, she was VERY close to being put in one. Very.

"Mrs. Weasley, I'm fine. YES REALLY!" Hermione said, nearly loosing her temper. She appreciated Mrs. Weasley's concern, but she could ease up a bit on the whole smothering thing. Ginny snickered from the corner, and Hermione stuck out her tongue at her. For a married woman (soon to be a mother, or so the medi-witch had informed them. It was early in the pregnancy, though, so she could still fit into her maid-of-honor dress), she considered it rather immature. But then again, Ginny wasn't the most proper person on the earth. If you wanted to find him, you could look to Percy. He fit the bill PERFECTLY.

"I was only checking, dear, no worries. Well, I suppose I shouldn't say that, because I had wedding jitters too." Mrs. Weasley said, though she didn't stop fiddling with Hermione's dress. The dress had been Hermione's grandmother's. Odd though it was, she loved the high collar, fading lace, and long sleeves. Thank goodness it was early spring, otherwise it would have been too hot.

"I'm not nervous, Mrs. Weasley." Said Hermione, in her I'm-really-not-fine-but-just-go-with-it voice. It worked.

"Of COURSE not dear. Ronald loves you very much." Mrs. Weasley said, backing away slightly.

"Ready?" Ginny asked, jumping up from her seat by the window. Hermione merely squeaked in response as she was nearly dragged out the door.

Meanwhile, Ron was freaking out.

"She's going to leave me at the altar. She's going to run off to bulgaria with Krum or McLaggen and laugh in my face. She's going to-" Ron said, pacing.

"WOULD YOU JUST STOP THAT?" Harry asked, making Ron look up in semi-horror. Harry was scary when he wanted to be.

"You don't have a right to be afraid, you're just getting hitched to the woman you've been in love with since second year. I on the other hand am going to be a DAD! A DAD!" Harry repeated, slumping into the same corner Ron was in.

"Yeah, with my sister." Ron mumbled grumpily. He was still having a little problem with the whole my-best-mate's-the-father-of-my-sister's-child thing. It was getting better though. The real thing was that his LITTLE SISTER was having a kid. It was disturbing.

"Oh, come on man. You've had years to get used to the idea," Harry said, pausing for a moment, "just think; I have to go through a crazy Ginny."

They both shivered in unison.

"Yeah, that's going to drive you loony. I love my sister and everything, but she gets REALLY mental sometimes." Ron said, cringing at the thought.

"At least I won't have to deal with a pregnant Hermione!" Harry said, cheering up a bit. Ron actually fainted.

"RON! WAKE UP! SPEEAAAKK TOOO MEEE!" Harry said, shaking Ron by his shoulders. After five more minutes of freaking out, much shaking, and a bucket of ice cold water (courtesy of George) Ron was up. But now soaking wet.

"What the bloody h*ll was that for?" Ron asked, shaking his dripping wet hair out of his eyes.

"Gee, I dunno. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you were OUT COLD!" Harry said incredulously.

"Oh. Sorry 'bout that mate." Ron said, taking out his wand and performing a drying spell on his robes. Harry noticed that his hair was still dripping, though, and did that himself.

"Thanks mate." Ron said, blushing as red as his hair. Or even brighter, you couldn't tell. That much red was a bit much on the eyes, although Harry was used to it by then.

"Can we go now? Or do you want to be late to your own wedding. In your own back-yard." Harry asked, making Ron blush a bit more, if it was physically possible.

"Right, let's." Ron said awkwardly, and was ushered out by a VERY impatient Harry. What? If you had waited THIS long for it to happen, you'd be anxious too.

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