Hate Ron Day: Chapter 3

April 8, 2012
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I woke up to a very loud yelling sound. I blearily opened my eyes to see the Gryffindoor common room. Mrs. Weasley was standing there with her hands on her hips glaring down at the spot next to me. "RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY! YOU WILL GET UP THIS INSTANT!" she screamed, and I finally noticed what he weight was on my shoulder. We had fallen asleep on the couch the night before, and his head had slipped onto my shoulder. "Five more minutes, mum." He grumbled and tightened his grip around my waist.

"GINEVRA, HARRY, YOU TOO!" she screamed, noticing them. Harry gave a start, and started to reach around for his glasses. Ginny merely stretched, smiled at Harry, than shoved on his glasses in a loving manner. Harry grinned at Ginny, than turned to face Mrs. Weasley's wrath. "WHAT WERE YOU ALL THINKING? FALLING ASLEEP ON THE COUCHES THIS WAY?" she yelled, effectively waking George too.

"Good morning, mum!" he said, rubbing his eyes and yawning in an exaggerated babyish way that would melt Mrs. Weasley's heart. "Good morning, dear. Do you want to get dressed so that we can go get some breakfast?" she asked, starting to fuss over him. Ron's head finally shot up. "I want some breakfast, mum!" he said, looking more awake than he usually did. I snorted and put my hand up to cover a smile and to pretend that it was a sneeze. Ron looked at me, than noticed that he had his arms still around me. He looked rather pleased with himself, but took his arms away and replaced one around my shoulder.

Harry and Ginny had witnessed this exchange, and were now laughing hysterically, though not enough to attract Mrs. Weasley's attention once more. "Oh, shut up you two. Just because I've given my permission doesn't mean that I can't take it away!" he said, adopting a protective stance. I laughed, but he didn't fall for it again that it was just a cough. He looked rather indignant, but was too happy to complain. George seemed to be remembering the course of yesterday's events too, as Mrs. Weasley left to wake up everyone else.

George grinned like a maniac. "It seems as though Ickle Ronnikins has managed to secure a girlfriend! Hermione no less!" he said, enjoying the beet red complexion on both of our faces. Harry and Ginny were now rolling on the floor laughing. George, however, was not done yet. "It also looks like the Chosen One just got chosen again!" he said, grinning at the blush that was now creeping it's way across Harry's cheeks as he helped Ginny up. "I thought we had already established that!" said Ginny, ignoring her blush as well as Harry's. George nodded, but said, "I still had to tease you anyways!"

As they continued their antics, Ron whispered in my ear, "Good morning! Do you want to go somewhere more privet?" I blushed, but nodded. "Oi! You lot, we're leaving for the great hall, see you later!" Ron said, than pulled me behind him out the door. I did catch George saying, "What do you want to bet they're actually going to the nearest broom closet?" to Harry.

As a matter of fact, we were walking along the hallway, when Ron nudged me and jerked his head in the direction of one. I grinned and nodded. His answering grin was enough to light up the world. When we finally reached it, he pulled me inside and closed the door. I saw raw passion in his eyes, which was most likely mirrored in my own. That was when I jumped him. He responded with equal enthusiasm, so much he lifted me off my feet. Not that it took that much, he was a head taller than me after all.

We spent a blissful 15 minutes in there, until I pulled away and suggested that we get to the great hall before we were missed. He nodded, but got in another quick snog. I giggled, and we tumbled out of the broom closet, and then ran towards the great hall. When we reached the Gryffindoor table, Harry, Ginny and George were already waiting for us. George nudged Harry and mumbled something that sounded suspiciously like, "Pay up." "Where are the others?" I asked, looking around for the rest of the clan.

George grinned as Harry passed him something under the table and said, "Waking up, but the real question is, where were you guys?" Ron and I both blushed. "We were in the library, returning a book that was overdue." I said, putting some toast on my plate. George snorted and said, "That's not all you were doing, by the looks of your hair, Hermione. Speaking of which, you may want to fix it before mum gets back. You already pushed it by sleeping on the couch as it is." I used a quick spell on my hair, and tried to keep moving normally. Ron, however, was looking murderous. "Stop teasing us George!" he said, glaring at him over his heaping plate.

George rolled his eyes. "Okay, okay. It's just feeling too much like a love fest over here for my liking." He said, digging in again. Ron looked like he was ready to burst, but he did something that surprised me even more. He took his fork, loaded some eggs onto it and launched it straight at George. It his him directly between the eyes. George froze as the offending object fell off his face and into his own food. He looked slowly up, than locked eyes with Ron.

"FOODFIGHT!" George roared, grabbing some casserole with his bare hands and throwing it straight at Ron. Soon everyone was involved, even the Slytherins. The teachers were trying to calm us down, but for the first time since the war, everyone was laughing and having a good time. George had met up with Lee Jordan and Angelina Johnson and made a team, while Ron, Harry, Ginny and I had each other's backs and were having an all out war with George's team.

"Oh come on Ickle Ronnikins, I'm just egging you on!" called George, pelting eggs Benedictine at Ron's head. "Lay off!" I said, grabbing some leftover mashed potatoes and throwing them in his face. The room was so loud that the call that ended the fight was almost not heard. "STOP THAT NONSENSE THIS INSTANT!" roared Mrs. Weasley, striding down the hall. Everyone stopped, and straightened from their fighting poses.

When she reached us, she stopped. "I am very disappointed in you all. I leave you alone for five minutes and you're involved in a food fight!" she said, sternly. Everyone had gone back to salvaging anything to eat, while some cleaned off the stuff on the floor with spells and put it back on their plates. George had already found a way to make Mrs. Weasley putty in his hands. "We were just having a bit of fun, mum. Besides, Fred would have wanted us to keep everyone on their toes and laughing through this hard time." He said, tearing up. I almost laughed it was so fake, even Mr. Weasley knew it was, but Mrs. Weasley fell for it, hook, line and sinker. Mrs. Weasley teared up also, and enveloped George in one of her patented rib breaking hugs.

Ron and I exchanged a disbelieving look, and I saw some macaroni in his hair. I rolled my eyes and pulled it out. Unfortunately, Bill and Fleur had seen this, and were now talking animatedly pointing at us every so often. Ron and I grimaced. "Sorry, I couldn't help it." I whispered, looking apologetic. "No worries, I understand." He said, flicking a piece of toast out of my hair. Again, this was seen by another Weasley, Mr. Weasley to be exact. He was now looking at us with an evaluating stare. Ron shrugged at him and gave a goofy grin. Although he gave us another curious glance, he went back to trying to pull Mrs. Weasley off of George.

When George was finally released, he sat back down at his place and sighed. He then noticed Bill, Fleur and now Mr. Weasley talking and pointing at Ron and me occasionally. George grinned when he realized that we must have displayed some sign public affection. "Looks like the game's up, Ickle Ronnikins! As soon as dad knows something he usually tells mom." He said, grinning at our discomfort. "Tell me what, George." Said Mrs. Weasley, taking the seat next to him. He was now grinning maniacally when he winked at us and said, "Oh, I don't know! Why don't you ask Ron and Hermione, I'm sure they'll be able to tell you."

Ron had been making furious signs for George to stop, but now that Mrs. Weasley's attention was on him, his ears turned a bright shade of maroon. "Oh, well, it's just, kind of." He stuttered, looking anywhere but Mrs. Weasley's eyes. Mrs. Weasley looked confused as Ron was acting very strange. I nudged him with my elbow, and he looked at me. I gave him and encouraging gesture, but he looked like he was going to explode from embarrassment. I gave him a final nudge and he spoke.

" 'Ermyknee'smygirlfriend." He said, very quickly and unintelligibly. "I'm sorry, say that again. Slowly." Said Mrs. Weasley, looking even more confused than before. George was in hysterics he was laughing so hard. He took a deep breath, and tried again. "Hermione's my girlfriend." He said, than realized what he had just said, yelped and dove under the table before Mrs. Weasley could even respond. "Congratulations, you two!" she cried with glee. "You should have just told me this morning, and I wouldn't have been as mad at you. I'm going to go tell Arthur" She then waddled off, beaming.

Ron popped his head back over the table just as George and I erupted into uncontrollable laughter. "Is it over?" he asked, shakily pulling himself back into his seat. I nodded, but continued to laugh. Heavens, it was just so funny! Ron even joined in laughing. We looked down at Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, who were talking animatedly. I was still giggling, when I saw something that made me laugh even harder. Harry and Ginny had made their way over there too, and had apparently told Mr. Weasley of their status being restored back to the old Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Mrs. Weasley was now being told of their relationship, and she suddenly burst into tears and brought them both into a fierce hug.

Soon after breakfast, we decided to go back to the burrow. All of our stuff was packed (though in Harry, Ron and my cases we had never unpacked) and we were all standing in front of McGonagal's fireplace. "The Burrow!" yelled George, and was whisked away in the green flames. Harry went next, than Ginny, Ron and finally me. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were going last; Bill and Fleur, Percy and Charlie had already gone before George. "The Burrow!" I yelled, and was pulled through the network, until I landed in the fireplace of the burrow.

Ron grinned and got up front the couch to help me up. "Hello, how was your trip?" he asked, pulling me up. I laughed. "We were only apart for less than a minute, Ron." I said, grinning at him. "Far too long." He said, although he was also trying (and failing) to keep back a laugh. "Let's go for a walk." He said, than pulled me out the door as Mrs. Weasley popped into the fireplace.

"One moment please!" she called, just before we were out the door. "Could you De-gnome the garden while you're on your walk? Thank you!" she said, not waiting for an answer. "Yes mum!" Ron said, scowling at the thought of the little menaces. "Brilliant!" he said, as we closed the doors. "A perfectly good chance of a nice long snog by the lake, ruined!" "Ronald!" I said, fighting the grin that was making it's way on my face. "Yeah, Ron! Keep it down! Some of us are trying to have some decent alone time!" called Harry, who was sitting under a tree with Ginny.

Ron rolled his eyes, clearly not amused. "Yeah, well you don't have to de-gnome the entire garden!" he yelled back, shaking his fist at them. I laughed and pulled Ron towards the garden. "Well," I said, whispering in his ear. "Who's saying we can't afterwards. Your garden is pretty secluded." Ron's ears were now bright red, but he managed to not look to embarrassed. "Merlin, Ron!" I said, lightly kissing the side of his mouth. "Don't act to embarrassed at the thought of snogging your girlfriend." I blushed a little at the end part, and Ron noticed. "Merlin Hermione! Don't act so embarrassed at the thought of me being your Boyfriend." He said, imitating my voice in a falsetto tone.

"That has got to be your worst imitation of my voice yet!" I laughed, as we reached the garden. "Aright, let's get this over with quickly." Ron said, spurred into action by my words. Ron got the highest (no pun intended) score for throwing gnomes, although I was getting pretty good by the time we finished. "Merlin, that was tiring." Said Ron, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. I realized how curly Ron's hair was, and giggled at my soppy thoughts that followed the sentiment.

"Hermione!" he said, waving his hand in front of my face and bringing me back to earth. "Sorry, I was…distracted." I said, feeling a silly grin appear on my face. Ron realized what I was implying, and had a similar grin on his face. We burst out laughing, and didn't stop for a while, but soon we walked to the lake. Harry and Ginny had long since gone inside, and it was now nearing evening.

Ron was looking at the horizon when I nudged him. He looked at me dumbly, than realized why we had come out here in the first place. He grinned and said, "Sorry, I was…distracted." He had just used the exact words I had earlier. I felt a little smile tug at my lips, and he leaned down, taking me in his arm as I wrapped my arms around his neck. We stood there for a moment, just staring into each other's eyes. His eyes were full of love, only love, and that made me happy. I tilted my head a little as he leaned in, now my personal space was 0, Ron 10. Ron won.

It was a calm kiss, unlike our first one, or the second, or the third. Let me correct myself, when I said calm, I meant calm compared to the other's. This kiss was slow, with lots of love packed inside, so much that I was crying. Ron felt the tears and pulled away, bewildered. "Sorry," I said, wiping away the tears. "it's just that I don't think I've ever felt this happy before." Ron's expression softened, and he smiled slightly.

"Now," I said, leaning in again and wiggling my eyebrows suggestively. "Where were we?" Ron's smile had turned into an evil grin, and he started to tickle me. "Ron!" I giggled, bending over slightly to try to get him to stop. "What, Hermione?" he asked, giving me that innocent look that made me very mad. I decided to take out my anger by bowling him over. I jumped him, and he fell over with a muffled exclamation of protest.

I snogged him so hard he couldn't even release his lips to speak, however, he didn't look to depressed about it. I released his lips after a few moments, and scolded him. "Bad, bad, Ronald. Do not tickle me unless you want to be tackled." I said, rubbing my nose against his affectionately. He opened his eyes (which he had closed) and sighed contentedly. "You are a REALLY good at snogging Hermione." He said, pecking my on the cheek.

I blushed, and he grinned. "Apparently, I am too. Either that, or I'm still capable of making Hermione Granger blush." He said, poking my ribs playfully. I giggled and went back down for more. After a few minutes, he moaned and flipped me over onto my back. After a few more minutes of that, I pulled back for air. I was breathing heavily when I said, "We should go back inside for dinner." Ron's stomach growled, and he nodded enthusiastically. The sides of my lip's quirked as he pulled me up to fast and I flattened against him. But, hey! I wasn't complaining, I was able to breath in his smell more effectively that way.

"Come on, Hermione! I'm not missing dinner just because you wanted to inhale me!" he chuckled, and I pulled away indignantly. I had started walking towards the Burrow, huffing all the way, but Ron's arms encircled me from behind. "Aww, come on, Hermione, you know I was just joking!" he said, sticking his head into the crook of my neck and peppering it with kisses. I moaned slightly, but enough for Ron to know that he was forgiven. He grinned and pulled me off to the Burrow, where many more good times were waiting.

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