WWWP: NC, Chapter 5

April 8, 2012
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Chapter 5: Dudley and Eloise Midgen

Torture, thought the twins (in unison, via T.N.V.L.) as they hopped off the train and began striding purposefully towards the lumps of people who looked like the Dursleys (based on their encounter with Vernon right before their fourth year, they had identified Mr. Dursley as such and deemed that therefore, the imperious people beside him must be his wife and child. In simple terms, they'd figured out that the really ugly people were actually the Dursleys).

"Come here, popkin. You have something on your cheek." what they supposed was Mrs. Dursley said, although it could've just been a giraffe without its spots. Dudly tried to escape the grasp of the long-necked figure, but due to obvous reasons, he didn't get far.

Meanwhile, the twins saw Eloise Midgen walking down from the Hogwarts Express, and the plan was formed. Midgen leaned against a pillar and looked (among other things, namely ugly) like she was waiting for her parents.

"Got the camera?" Fred asked George, whispering out of the corner of his mouth. George grinned.

"Do I ever actualy LEAVE the camera?" George asked in return.

"Well, there was that one time when I brought i-..." Fred trailed off at the murderous look on George's face. He guessed not.

Now, it was time for the set up (getting the two victi-...ahem...subjects in the same place). So naturally, the twins had a plan. It was simple as treacle tart; candy.

The twins walked past the Dursleys inconspicuously (although they did attract an odd look from Mr. Dursley until he paled and turned away quickly), then a few seconds later (Midgen was feet away) dropped simple peices of candy from their pockets (they only got the idea for Skiving Snackboxes later...although this did contribute).

Dudley's eyes bugged out, and the moment the twins were past, and lept on the candy. The Dursleys made no move to stop him. Midgen looked down at him in a semi-disgusted way, and then looked anywhere else. You would too if you were close enough to document the eating habits of pot-bellied pigs.

The twins grinned as they levitated the mistletoe up above the two beings to be tortured. Midgen and Dudley looked up. Midgen figured that it was probably the best chance that she'd get, considering...

Dudley's P.O.V.

Uh...what? Hey...she tastes like candy! Mmm...

Elosie's P.O.V.

Eugh, this is disgusting! Hey...he tastes like candy! I wonder if he hasn't swalowed...eugh...

No one's P.O.V.

George shook his head while turning green, and thrust the camera into Fred's hand, then ran for the loo. Fred shrugged and took the picture.


Dudley and Eloise looked up, then quickly stepped away from one another. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley were looking very sick indeed. Fred didn't blame them, and got the mistletoe and himself away from the scene of the crime for an occupation similar to that of George's. That was dead nasty.

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