WWWP: NC, Chapter 2

April 8, 2012
By Mary Sawyer PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Mary Sawyer PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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Chapter 2: Trelawney and The Giant Squid

Sybil Trelawney sighed as she walked down the corridor. It had been a long day, and her fourth years had been especially trying. That Harry Potter…he was so stubborn. Why could he not see his tragic fate, accept it, and die quite soon? She didn't need it coming to light that she did a significant amount of guessing in her 'predictions'.

Sybil walked down the hall and out into the green. It was late, so she had nothing to fear from venturing outside the castle's walls. It wasn't as if there was any chance any students could be running around.

Ignorant little fraud.

Fred and George 'Bad-*rse' and 'Kick-*rse' (respectively) Weasley snickered behind the willow tree the Golden Trio commandeered during daylight hours. During one of their numerous detentions with Minerva McGonagall, George had had a stroke…OF GENIUS!

In his genious-ity (referred to by others as 'BOREDOM'), he had a sudden vision. T.N.V.L. had yielded its results with minimal verbal scheming, and now here they were. Time to put Operation Scar-Twins-For-Life into action.

Fred threw the Instant Peruvian Darkness Powder around his ex-Divination teacher. Sybil blinked her eyes and screamed, throwing herself to the ground.

"The Third Eye! It truly rules my mind! I am One with It!" Trelawney said, in a creepy, passion-filled voice. Fred and George rolled their eyes in synchronization, and dragged her screaming form to the lake. Fred whispered in George's ear,

"Can't we just throw her in and be done with it?" Fred asked George while wispering. George contemplated this thought for a moment (apparenty deep in thought himself, ha, ha).

"Nah. They'd find the body, and our names would be all over it." george said, shaking his head in apparent sorrow.

"D*mn. Oh well. Back to Operation ST4L." Fred said after a moment of silence in honor of the ill-fated idea that was so very appealing.

Now Sybil, who had slowly been quieting on the ground at their feet, heard none of this exchange. Now in her silence, she waited for her ancestors who had gone to the One to speak to her. She didn't have to wait long.

"Mmmmmhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm…" came an erie groan.

"Oh my. Is that you, Great Aunt Cassandra?" she said, smiling.


"Ah yes, I know! Uncle Brommenite!" Trelawney said after a moment, in apparent realization.

"Nnhhhmmmmmmmm…" groaned the erie voice once more.

Sybil gasped. She still could not see through the Darkness Powder, but she still reached her hands out in front of her. She touched something warm. Sybil pushed herself up, and hugged the warm body.

"I know now. You are the One. And you have called upon I, your most faithful servant, to impart the future to those that are not blessed with the Sight! Tell me, my love. Tell me what I must say. Guide me." Sybil said, shutting her eyes tightly, and squeezing the One in an almighty hug. Meanwhile, Fred and George were silently rolling on the ground at Sybil's antics.

"She honestly believes that rubbish? I thought she was doing it just to p*ss McGonagall off!" George exclaimed, and they once again dissolved into silent laughter and rolling on the ground. When Fred rolled onto his back and felt something hard in his back pocket, he suddenly remembered the goal of that night. After poking and prodding at George until he stopped moving and was ready to watch, Fred waved his wand, and brought the mistletoe to rest above Sybil and her new lover. He grinned. Perhaps it was the power of the mistletoe or perhaps, Sybil was just that stupid, but whatever the case, Sybil was soon snogging the brains out of her lover.

Sybil's P.O.V.

Hm…not that bad…his lips are horridly mushy, but such a strong connection he makes using them…oh shut it…why did I not see this coming? Oh, the One must have wanted to surprise me…so strong is he…

Mystery Man's P.O.V.


No One's P.O.V.

Fred shivered while George retched. However, once they stopped freaking out…


In the light of the flash, Sybil's half-closed eyes caught a glimpse of her lover. She broke all contact, and screamed. The Giant Squid seemed disappointed at the loss of Sybil as she stumbled backward. In her terror, she failed to notice the laughing twins running off to the castle. The Squid made a sad "Mrm…" and slowly retreated back into the lake. Sybil smacked herself across the forehead, and stomped off to the castle in a huff, muttering under her breath, "…stupid sherry…really must stop…have to clear my Inner Eye…"

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