Unwind You don't know the half of it

March 8, 2012
By videogamelover22 BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
videogamelover22 BRONZE, Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Chapter 1: I hate this place
Many stories start out with “once upon a time” but not mine. Mine starts with my escape from hell. How did this happen you may ask well I’ll tell you about that later right now you may want to know that I'm an experiment for the government and today’s my freedom. It’s just a normal day and Saint Lewis science study camp or how the inhibitions say hell on earth. We say this because the lucky scientist love to play with their new toys and by toys I hope you’ve figured out that I mean us, the unwinds that get “special treatment”.
Anyway just a normal day or at least that’s what I thought. It was around lunch when I ran into my “personal counselor” more like torturer. “Jack how's it been?” the counselor said with a tone of excitement. “Terrible how about you?” I say. “Hmm I don’t really like that tone of yours. I might just have to schedule an early appoint with the therapist.” he said was a victorious look on his face. “Fine I'm fine can I go to lunch now?” “Much better, but I still think that you need to be seen.” my counselor said. “A*****e” I say under my breath. “What was that?” “Nothing I’m just grateful for the appointment”
“That’s the spirit jack. I’ll go get him now.” “But its lunch time I need to eat!!!” I say with a surprised tone. “So? You can eat dinner later lets go.” thus begins my journey to the therapist or more commonly know to the unwinds the scientists. So my counselor and I go to see my personal scientist which take around twenty minutes but when you’re hungry that’s an eternity especially when you’re a unwind heading to a appointment. When we get there my therapist is overjoyed that he gets to see me so early in the day. “Ooh subject zero it’s so nice to see you!” “It’s not nice to see you.” I say under my breath.
“Now jack be nice to the man after all we’re here to help you.” “NO YOUR NOT your here to screw with me, I hate this place!” “Subject zero calm yourself NOW GET IN HERE!!” and that’s when things go dark. Next thing I know I’m strapped to a testing table with needles that are filled with this blue substance. The speaker overhead turns on and says “good your awake you need to be awake for this. Now we just created a substance that will complete the project that we started on you when you first got here. It took us a while to figure out how to put it into you but thanks to all the other subjects two and four especially.” “YOU A*S THOSE WHERE MY FRIENDS!” “Now now subject zero they died for the greater good.” “YOU DID WHAT TO THEM.” “SUBJECT ZERO CALM DOWN.” “NEVER! STOP DOING THIS TO ME.” “Fine if you won’t calm down ill kill one subject every minute.” “Fine, I’m done just get this over with.” “Good. Begin prepping procedures.” at once everything I knew was changing. the lights went out, sounds of gears turning started and then the blue substance when into my veins that’s when I blacked out but not for good.

Chapter 2: you pissed off the wrong guy

Waking up was a pain. Why well I was in the “after testing” wing of the camp and in a full body cast. While being still very groggy I herd someone talking. “He cannot get that upset again he might trigger something that will make him almost unstoppable. He needs to stay away from anyone until we figure out how to stop him” “don’t worry we can do that easily.” and then I black out again. This time I’m forced to wake up.
“Hey get up.” nothing “I SAID GET UP.” and this time I get hit. “OUCH! What the hell was that for?” “I said get up.” “Who the hell are you?” “Your new counselor. Now get up.”
“Fine, but why do I have a new counselor?” “Doesn’t matter. Come with me.” so we took a long walk maybe an hour or so? That’s when I start to get hungry. “So when am I getting breakfast?” “Not for a while it’s the middle of the night.” great no food and I still don’t know why this guys here or where the hell I’m going. After what I call forever we stop in front of a big ten inch steel door that I know won’t budge without something really strong. “Get in.” he says. The first thing I notice is that the room is padded. Next thing is that the bed looks really expensive, why I have no idea. The last thing I notice is really strange. There are no windows and there is a TV. and gaming system. “ welcome to your new home meals will be brought to you at request if you need to relieve yourself there’s a speaker on the wall someone will come to get you.” that’s when he slams the door. As I get into bed I hear him laughing at the top of his lungs. I realize that there’s not much I can do so I just go back to bed. The next time I wake is when I have food on the foot of my bed. The food looks delicious but they always put something in it when it’s this good it’s always been like that. What surprises most is that when I smell how good it is I can tell what’s in it. theirs fat, protein, sugar, and other things that you’d find is this kind of breakfast but I was able to sniff out that there was alcohol mixed into it. That’s not the weird part I knew what it did. It was supposed to make me depressed.
So that I didn’t eat. Still hungry I went to the TV. and turned it on. What I saw I shouldn’t have seen. I saw my little sister in this science facility. I went berserk. I couldn’t think I couldn’t control what I was doing I just saw myself turning into something, something dark. When my transformation was over I went to the mirror and my hair was pitch black, my eyes where black as ever, my hands were claws my teeth sharpened to a point, my clothes torn and tattered. I looked like a monster. I herd sirens and that’s when I lost it behind me I could hear the door open and that’s when I saw my counselor and several scientists. I couldn’t do anything to prevent myself I just attacked. They lie there dead blood is dripping from my hands, no claws. Blood is covering my mouth. My clothes and worst of all I couldn’t control myself but I saw everything. I charged down the hall looking for more blood, more to kill. Two hours of this over two hundred people die and I change back leaving destruction in my path. I somehow ended up in the middle of nowhere and I’m all alone. One thing’s for sure I’m not hungry anymore nor able to be awake. waking up I look at myself and see that my clothes are find their not torn or splattered with blood and that I’m normal mostly. I go to check my teeth and most are normal but two are different two are still pointed and still lethal. I ask myself one question. “Who am I?”
Chapter 3: the past
Most of my life was good up until I was fourteen. Before all this happened I was the cool kid of the school. Everyone wanted to be around me. Almost every girl I met wanted to be with me. My grades were good straight a student but it still wasn’t enough. At school I was adored at home well that different. at home I was hated my parents wanted a girl and they wanted me to be a A+ student not A. my home life was hell and my parents made it that way. My room was barren. The cupboards were always locked. Wait no my home life was good my school life was horrible I had Ds and Cs in almost every class. But that’s not right ether. Why can’t I remember anything correctly? What else did they do to me that I didn’t know? Every thing so foggy I can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t. I fell like I’m falling, falling into a void.

Chapter: 4 what now?
I wake up to find myself being dragged by what looks like a bear. “Look he’s alive.” “Damn I thought I was gunner get a good meal.” “Shut up. Wookey stop we need to untie the lad”. I come to a halt. Next thing I know I’m being lifted up. “Who are you?” I say somewhat hoarsely. “You’re in Arizona you’ve been out cold for three weeks we thought you had died but the admiral said you were a fighter like him. Wouldn’t go down easily.” some guy said in a teenager kind of voice. “That didn’t answer my question.” “I know. Stop moving I’m cutting you lose.” I feel the strain on my arms and legs lessen. “Thanks but who are you?” “Names lev nice to meet you.” “Who’s that?” “Him oh this is wookey he’s a body builder.” “And why were you going to eat me?” “ wookey doesn’t care what he eats as long as it has protein. Anyway who are you Mr. Come back from the dead?” “Names jack. Jack Wilson.” “Nice to meet you jack we’re holding up a few miles away we were getting there by bus but then it broke down.” “I could use a little walk.” “That’s the spirit jack, wookey lets go.” wookey just moans and walks. “If you can’t tell already we’ve been walking for a while. Maybe an hour maybe more maybe less.” lev says. An hour goes by and we finally reach a plain graveyard? “We’re here.” “Where is here?” “You don’t know jack!? This is the graveyard. This is heaven for awol unwinds.” lev says with astonishment. “Heaven really?” I say in an unconvinced voice. “Come on lets go see the admiral. He’ll be make you see that what I say is true.” so we walk to what looks like a rundown air force 1 plain. He starts banging on the hatch. “Hey admiral you in there?”
“Lev how many times have I told you, you don’t need to call me admiral.” that’s when lev says to me. “He’s in there.” “Ya no s*** Sherlock.” “Hey be respectful or this place will really be hell.” “Connor I have a new AWAL unwind for you.” “Is it that one that you showed me a few weeks ago just lying in the forest.” “Yep.” “Great I’ll be right there.”
“So your names jack?” “Yes it is and you must me Connor.” “Good to know you’ve got some brains in you.” “Connor I can’t stay here but I wish I could.” “What do you mean jack?” It’s at this point that I tell him everything. As soon as I’m done Connor leans back in his chair and just stares at me. After about an hour he finally says “Well what do plan to do?” this makes me think. “Take your time I have all day.” That’s when I think “good i'll need it” three hours go by and I finally come up with what to do. “I know exactly what to do.” “And that is?” “Well Connor I plan to go back and free the other unwinds at the science camps.” “Might be tough though.” “Yes I know but that’s where you guys come in.” “What do you mean jack?” “Well I need a base of operations and with the mutations I am now the smartest person in the world.” “Seeing what the world has come to that’s not hard.” “Well trust me I will make a plan but until I do I need to stay away from anyone that will piss me off.” “That I understand, but for how long?” “That Connor I don’t know.” To be concluded

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