Magic the Gathering: Demon Flock, part 2

March 14, 2012
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“Retreat!” Sorin yelled. “Retreat!”
Sorin pulled his sword out of one of hundreds of zombies. The little bit of blood inside of the zombie was traveling up the blade and being stored inside the handle for later use. Although Sorin wasn’t interested in that blood.

“Dam, now I’m going to have to dump out the whole thing!”

After cutting down one last undead monster Sorin started to move back through the great gates that led into Thraben’s walls. A few hundred human soldiers had already retreated to the great entrance. Sorin joined them and called out, “Where’s Garruk?” But there was no response.

Garruk was actually still outside, way outside. He was inside the center of the hoard. Undead after undead fell to the axe that Garruk carried. Huge beasts and packs of wolves fought alongside him. But the zombies were too many in proportion. Skaabs of all shapes and sizes slaughtered the creatures that Garruk had summoned from the Aether. But Garruk didn’t care. His goal was the necromancer. And he was going to get his revenge.

Liliana was not oblivious to Garruk. She noticed him a bit, but her eye was on the center of that city. That citadel was carrying immense power, a power that she needed. Her concentration was suddenly broken when a knife flew toward her. She deflected it with a spell, and saw a dark shape flying toward her above her army.

Sorin had seen plenty of undead apocalypses in his time. The only thing worse than simply fighting them, was being surrounded by them. Garruk may be strong, but in his cursed state, he wouldn’t be able to fight them all.

This is why Sorin decided to launch himself directly towards the source of power for the hoard. Lilliana Vess.

Sorin slammed into Lilliana so fast that neither of them had time to put up protection of any sort. Sorin had completely blanked on the idea. Lilliana barely had time to get back up when Sorin rushed up and grabbed her by her throat.

“Get…your…hands…off me!” Lilliana choked out. She shot a bolt of dark energy at Sorin, throwing him back into a group of undead skaabs. Lilliana wasn’t waiting for him to recover. She started running towards the walls of the great.

Garruk was not ignorant of the movement. He stopped his fighting mid-swing and started chasing the necromancer. Sorin also noticed as he got back up, a smoking hole in his chest, and created a field of energy that demolished the skaabs right before they fell on him. He then started chasing Lilliana as well, but she had a very nice head start. Plus the undead would let her pass while Garruk and Sorin had to fight through them.

Lilliana reached the gate and without a second thought, simply demolished it with a flick of her wrist. Sorin was barely able to make out the necromancer running into the city in all the smoke and debris.

Him and Garruk met up at the gate and rushed through. There were several human bodies under the rubble, but not nearly as many as Sorin had feared. Garrruk wasn’t even fazed by the bodies, he just trudged along.

Sorin ran towards a path down an alley-way. The path was littered with rubble and the occasional body, obviously the path that an especially powerful mage decided to walk down. But Sorin was suddenly pulled back by Garruk.

“Don’t go that way.” Garruk growled. “It’s a trap.”

Sorin looked back at the alley. “How do you know?”

“Rule number one when hunting intelligent prey, never go for the obvious path, plus if you look closely you can see her actual footsteps.” Garruk pointed toward several black marks on the ground, which lead to the left of the ruined alley.

“Wow.” Sorin remarked. “Her aura seems to be going out of control.”

“Yep. Let’s go.”
The two ran down the path, following the charred footsteps that led to the great cathedral in the center of the city.
(to be continued)

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