Fanfiction Unwind

March 6, 2012
Running. The ground flying under his feet. Sweat soaking his clothes. Six kids in front of him. Connor had done this for six years and he was not going to stop now he wasn’t giving up on these kids. He looked up to the front Clarissa 14, Mike 15, Ben 16, Alec 14, Sarah 13, and Elisa who was 15. Leading up the front of the group was Connors old friend Lev running through the forest reminded him of when he was sixteen and running for his life. Adrenaline was pumping up in him as tranq bullets started to fly. Lev stopped and signaled for them to hide the forest was no place to expect not to be caught. It was too obvious they would run. Connor spotted a high tree with a cave like opening in it where the top of the trunk was Pushing all the kids up they all climbed bullets coming g closer seeming as if they would hit them no matter where they were. Connor heard one hit something next to him It was too close he looked up to see Sarah swaying and Mike reaching to grab her. When Connor was in the safety of the tree he saw all of them together Mike cradling Sarah reminding him of how he did Risa. Risa. The thought hit him That’s what would get him home. Shaking himself back into reality Connor looked out of the branches on bark of the tree seeing navy blue uniforms running away. Turning to face his group he nodded to Lev who looked upon Sarah lying unconscious in Mike’s arms. “We wait out until she wakes up” he announced. Everyone curled up next to each other for warmth while Connor and Lev discussed there next course of action.

Sarah came to three hours later still in Mikes arms, the got back to the forest floor and walked for Sarah’s sake. Finally arriving at the graveyard Connor told the children where to go and to rest the night out. He and Lev talking about the new kids they were getting within a week. Until he looked over and saw his wife’s smiling face he walked up to Risa and gave her a hello and explained to her why he was late again. She simply smiled “Why do you always get the cops involved?” she asks

“I don’t Connor responded “they just annoy me. After all this time he hadn’t changed.

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