The Stolen Ticket!

February 29, 2012
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“There he is! There he is! I can't believe you got me tickets to see Justin Bieber! You are the best Amanda! Thank you so much, oh, but I have one question, how in the world did you get the tickets?” I asked my best friend Amanda.

“Well that part stays a secret but other than that, I'm really happy you like the tickets! I knew you would! Besides after this, he's going to give us a tour of his dressing room and backstage! I can't wait!” Amanda said excitedly.

Justin was just about to begin singing “Baby” I couldn't wait I looked down at the Justin Bieber Shirt I was wearing and the dark skinny jeans with it. I had worn my knee high Converse with them and I thought I had done a great job! I was about to turn around and tell Amanda how much I loved the shirt she gave me, but she was, nowhere in sight. I looked everywhere, then finally decided to text her. When I asked her where she was, her response was that she needed help. Two big guys had came and kidnapped her. She didn't give me much information after that.

I thought she was kidding but then when I looked down I saw Amanda's “I love J.B” necklace. I knew automatically that she was in trouble, because she never went anywhere without that necklace. It was her first Bieber necklace, and she hadn't token it off ever since that day. I quickly grabbed it and went to search for her. At first I asked people if they had seen her but they just stared at me as if I were crazy person.

Finally, I decided to go look outside and for her there. Luckily as I was exiting I saw Amanda's. I.D. and knew I was going the right way. I left the concert and I went over to the snack bar.

“Have you seen this girl?” I asked holding up Amanda's I.D. “If so can you please tell me where she went! This is really important.”

“Um...yea I have!” A blonde spoke up. “I saw her get carried away with two tough looking guys. They went that way.” She pointed to the “Backstage” doors.

I quickly thanked her and was about to go, but then I saw two guards. I knew they would never let me in without a Backstage Pass, so I quickly thought of a plan. I wasn't sure if it was going to work only because I'm not good at lying and my plan wasn't that good but I gave it a shot anyway.

“Excuse me, but I saw a little kid out in the parking lot and he looked lost; you might want to go help her! And you might both want to go because it's a big parking lot, and um you'll cover more space.” I lied.

“Okay, we'll go thank you for telling us! Come on Phil, we might want to take care of this.” They finally left and I could sneak in! But I knew they had cameras all over the place so I waited until a big group of people went in, and I just blended in with them.

When I got there, the place looked so big and confusing. I tried to contact Amanda but she wouldn't text me back or pick up her phone when I called her. I thought it would just be better if I looked in almost every room. But when I was backing away from one of the rooms I bumped into someone!

“Hi you looking for anyone?” he asked.

I froze. I couldn't believe who I was staring at. It was the one and only Justin Bieber! I was so happy, but yet still in shock. I finally managed to spit out a few words.

“Hi, um yea well I um am looking for my well...her name is uh...Amanda!” I finally said after what seemed like 5 minutes.

“Oh well, what does she look like? Do have a picture of her or anything?” I show him Amanda's I.D. And he says he had seen her just a few minutes ago. “Follow me. What's your name?”

“Um my name”

“Cool name! Don't worry we'll find your friend in no time!”

I follow him around like a lost puppy. I had no idea what to do. I wasn’t sure if I should say something like “I like your hat” or like “OMG! I LOVE YOU!” I was very confused. Luckily he stopped and said that he needed to get a snack before we go on. We went to his dressing room and when he opened the door, boy were we surprised!

We saw Amanda in his dressing room all tied up and with duct tape over her mouth! Justin and I went over to help her then when we finally untied her I asked her how she got here and why she wouldn't answer any of my calls.

“I'm sorry I have something to tell you.....OMG!!!! It's's actually him!”

“Amanda! Stay focused! Now tell me what happened!” I said.

“Right about that. Look Carmen I’m really sorry! I wanted this to be the best birthday for you but I failed! I'm really sorry you see it's a long story. It all goes back to how I got the tickets. I was at the mall getting you one more present and I overheard these two guys saying they got Justin Bieber tickets. So I thought hmm...maybe I could steal the tickets from them and give them to you as a birthday gift. I listened to their plans carefully and I found out that they were going to go home, freshen up a little bit before they go have lunch together, and then they said they were going to leave the tickets home so they wouldn't get lost or stolen. So I kind of followed them home and-”

“WAIT A MINUTE!” I interrupted “You followed them in you stalked them home!?”

“NO! I would never do that….this just happened to be in emergency! A Justin Bieber emergency! But anyway, when they got there, they had lost their keys so they used the spare keys. And that’s how I got in. I went in and the house was a huge mess! I was sure they had they had kept them I their room, so I went in there and I looked around. I finally found them! I started to go out the door when I noticed that the guys who live here had cameras all over the place! I knew I was going to get busted, so I tried to disconnect the camera cord. But before I could do anything, the one with the mustache came in and I didn’t have time to hide! SO as he came in he spotted me, and well, I ran away from there!”

“Holy cow Amanda! First you stalk someone, and then you break into their house, and then you run from them! WOW! I never thought you Amanda Wing would do all that stuff!” I said but then when I looked at her face I knew that there was more to the story then that. “OK, what else are you hiding from me?”

“Well, okay, so as I’m running they start to come after me. They finally catch up with me, and I explain how both of us are HUGE fans of Justin Bieber and how this is very important to us. They said ok we’ll let you go. Just like that they let me go, without a catch! I was really surprised. After all that happened they finally showed up at the concert! I was really scared because they just grabbed and headed out! But before they could I left you my necklace! I hope you found it!” I give her the necklace and her phone and she continues on. “Well then you now the story after that as I tried to contact you they took me away and I kept leaving hints behind!”

“Wow!” Was all I could get out. We both look at Justin see what he would do and to our surprise he was really happy!

“I can’t believe that my fans would go through all of that just to see me perform! I mean you guys have made me the happiest person on Earth right now!” Just as he was saying that the two men that had kidnapped Amanda came in and fainted when they saw Justin! “BODYGUARDS!!” Justin shouted “Take these two men to the police station and tell police about what they did to her!”

Wow, I couldn’t believe what had just happened! Everything was just about perfect except that we had missed the concert! We were really sad but Bieber said what he’s going to do is give us two more free tickets and backstage passes for his next show! This was one of the greatest birthdays ever! And I will always remember it!

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