The Accidental Angel (Chapter four:Kisses Calm the Lust)

February 29, 2012
By MelodyMizu SILVER, Marrero, Louisiana
MelodyMizu SILVER, Marrero, Louisiana
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Chapter 4: Kisses Calm the Lust
We soared down the old dusty back roads leading to New Orleans.My blanket filled with books tied tight and safe in my hand as I held on to Ember's waist.She drove the four wheeler so effortlessly.
"You drive so well!Where did you learn!?",I questioned loudly so that she could hear me over the wind and engine roaring.
"..Back at home I did this with my brothers.",she answered loud enough to were I can make out the words."Are you sure the wont come after us-I mean,what if we were to tell the police on them!?"
"They wont,don't worry!That 'FAT FUCKING GIT'",I shouted loudly looking back then turned around,"wont get in trouble! Hes the beloved priest in these parts!Even if we do tell no one will believe it!", I said confidently.
"...Okay I got a question..and please be a good answer!",she stated.
"Hit me.",I assured
"...How are we gonna make any money?I mean,Were are we gonna live?,she asked.
I had never thought about this;we were in such a hurry! All I had time for was getting my things,kicking the guards asses,and jumping on the back of the vehicle.At that moment my protective instinct kicked in and I assured her that one we got to the heart of the city we would find something to do for money and rent a hotel until we get a home.I mean its New Orleans,how can we not make money on those streets.She was watching a road but it was like I could feel a smile of relief crawl upon her face.Just then the four wheeler jolted and when even faster.A slight yelp escaped my mouth and a giggle from Ember's followed.I held on tighter around her waist and relaxed my head on her shoulder.Our hair flying back,messy tangled up into one another;I was relaxed and in my own little world.I felt her right hand crawl over mine and grab on tight.
"Don't worry,go to sleep,I wont let you fall!",I got one hand free and handed her the bag of books.She took them and placed them on her lap.I put my hand back around and placed them on the bag. then she grabbed them once more.I dozed of on her shoulder knowing I was safe in my new lovers arms.
I awoke to the honk of a horn behind me.It was day we were still on the out skirts of the city.At that moment I felt a hard pinch on my hand.
"Ah! okay,okay,I'm up."',I flinched,"Um,were did the cars come from."
"I accidentally ran into some early Christmas traffic.They all are coming from Mississippi or Alabama,perhaps.I been studding the licence plate in front of us for a while out of boardum and hes from Georgia"
"How long have we been sitting here?"
"A good six hours from me guessing."
"Oh good lord,why didn't you wake me sooner."
"You looked so peaceful."
I felt a blush burn on my face."I-I got an idea,lets just go by foot we can't be that far from the fairy,right?"
"...yea I guess not,huh.Hold on I have to move the four wheeler out of the way."
I held on tightly as she swiftly drove the rough vehicle of the road and down a hill;another yelp from my lips.She stopped it and we both slid of the seat.As I grabbed my bag she grabbed my arm she led me to run along the traffic.I felt the confused eyes of the people in the cars above;but,none of that mattered to me,as long as my raven haired beauty was at my side.
We made it to the fairy.As we ran up to it its was slowly taking off.Still holding her hand,I took the lead and jumped and grabbed a hold of the bars of the back.I set my bag down and reached out for her.She grabbed tightly on to my arm and I tugged her in over the railing.She had fallen on top of me with a thud.We lay breathless looking into each others eyes.I shyly slid from underneath her and looked the other way,glancing back at her giggling face.At that moment we broke out in much needed laughter.The joy in me had never been more alive.We sat there to rest watching the water go by under the boat.I got up and looked over the edge to look closer when I herd a rustle.
"Oh my god this is beautiful!",she said pulling out the gold locket necklace I had nestled on the top on my books.,'La poupée va vivre une fois plus.Le fille doit vivre dans un autre'...that's not even correct French.
I felt a fright run through me as she said those words."T-that's what I said when I found it."
I felt a sharp pain in my head and chest."L-lets just go walk around the boat.It must be December;Its getting freezing.",I pleaded.
"Wait!",she said with a pout,"Put it on!"
Regretting the action,I placed it around my neck.I felt the pain grow sharper.
"A-are you okay,Melody?", she looked on my pale face with such worry.
"O-h I-I'm fine,love!"
"...Did you just call me Love?", she said with a smirk.
My pain accompanied by the burn of a deep red blush.," I-its a British thing.B-besides,even if I did feel that way I'm sure you wou-", I was silenced by her smooth lips clashing against mine.My face was on fire as I felt myself kiss back.My pain was eased and my skin was no longer as pale.Thought I felt and inner disgust as if some one was making 'ewww' noises' in my mind.She broke the deep kiss,leaving me melted and my heart racing.
"That,my love,was a French thing!", she said teasingly.
We felt the boat stop.I retied my bag and we rushed of the boat and into the city of our lives before our nightmares.However,as soon as we set foot in that city,we were to be damned;it was no longer a matter of choice.
We wondered the overwhelming city hand in hand.Our ears pleasured by the different music,our noses by the different smells.The beauty of the area was breathtaking.We wondered for hours in the cold;and went in to look through different shops.As we did the fact we were currently poor escaped our minds as well as a loud rumble from Ember's stomach.
"I herd that!",I said playfully as she tried not to giggle.
We walked out of the shop huddled together.With the dark dropped the frigged cold. We had not eaten all day.We searched for something that may be free;knowing it would be in vain.We had given up.We walked into arestaurantt to warm up.We took up a booth and cuddled up,my bag between us.A waitress walked up to us confused.She looked to be a kind woman."What can I get you two little things?",she said in a nice southern belle accent.
"O-oh, I'm sorry ma'am.We have no money.",I explained.
"I matter!Two hot chocolates and two chicken tender plates is good enough right?"
"B-but,how will we-"
"Don't worry about it!You two look honest.I'll throw in some tokens so ya'll can go play in the game room in the back!"
"Oh you are to kind!",Ember added in.
"No problem,stranger.",She walked of with her little note pad.
Ember rested her head on my shoulder,"First real meal we have had in a long while and its free...what are the odds."
"I know right..."
She brought us our plates and we downed the hot chocolates. I ate it all like it was my last meal and Ember of course only ate two out of the six nuggets and none of the fries.It worried me she needed to eat.I didn't know if it was the weight thing or if she felt guilty because it was free.
Time passed and I was about to take out a book and reread it.When I noticed Ember was asleep on my shoulder.She was beautiful.The waitress came back with a wet wipe in her hand."Anything else,child?"
"Oh,no ma'am you've done enough.",I looked over at a family sitting across the room."If you could,can you give our tokens to those kids in the corner?"
She smiled,"Of course dear."
Not wanting to trouble her more,I walked out;Ember asleep on my back and my bag wrapped around my neck.I had to think of a way to make a lot of money and fast!
I walked the frozen,wet streets trying to find a place to sleep.The I came up to a billboard.It was just being put up.
Canal Singing Contest~ for more information call 504-153-8247! Winner gets 2,000 dollars cash!
"Bloody hell,that is just to convenient...",I rushed back to the restaurant and sat ember down on the same booth seat.To much luck was given to me at the time,I swear.I found fifty cents on the floor.As you can guess I called the number wasting no time...

The author's comments:
I do not own The Vampire chronicles nor the characters likenesses.All rights belong to Anne Rice.Original Characters included.Louis and a few others may come into the next chapter.

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