The Accidental Angel ( Chapter 1: Welcome My Curse)

February 29, 2012
Chapter 1: Welcome My Curse
Hello,no,I am not Louis.I am not Lestat or David nor am I Armand or Marius.What I am is an accident.My name is Melody Kirkland.I am at most five feet tall and my body resembles that of a story book princess.My light brown,wavy hair flows down to my bottom and my fringe curls and some what covers my right eye.But,that only makes my facial features look more like that poor child.You may remember her.She was in Louis' book.Like her I am a vampire of eternal youth;but, not as bad as her mind you.I am 16 years of age. I have the voice of an angel...and that is what got me into this mess.I am known as the Accidental Angel.Would you like to know were my story began and how I know the vampires listed above.Well then...lets begin shall we.
I was born in London,England around the year 1984.Growing up I was told many fairy tails of princesses and princes coming to there rescue.I never really focused on that.However,I did research the stores and found deeper, terrifying meanings behind them.By the time I was ten I was a deeply disturbed,isolated child.That year we moved to America....a despicable place yet,it dose have advantages.But,religion wise it is the same.I stopped believing long before i moved to that little city known as New Orleans but,there it was ether God or the demonic power of Lucifer. According to the locals the satanic way was essayer but it was still awful.Two years after parents were murdered before my eyes."Godless whore,I'll teach you to practice powers in the name of the demons of this earth!"
"Please,let go of her!She has done nothing!"
"Let her go!I'll call the police!"
"Daddy!"Mamma,please!What did I do!"
"Hush up,you! One word from you or one step from you parents and I shoot them then you!"
My mind spun,the only thing I knew how to do was scream like a lost kitten.With out thinking I screamed as he yanked at my hair.It all seamed slow motion as he pulled the trigger and I watched as my mother's chest was ripped apart by the soaring bullet.My father stared at her body as it dropped to the carpet below.All I could do was scream."Mamma!!!",was all I could say.My father was a weak man.As much as I wanted to believe that he would save me,as much as I needed to believe he was my night in armor,I knew this was the end.
Then it went black.When I came to,I had minor burns and was laying on a crisp, soaked floor.I was wet myself.As I sat up,in scorching pain,I saw it.Both corpses were on the floor;my mother's chest and my father's missing skull.I was staring in utter shock.My body got up on its own and I walked toward the flashing red and blue lights outside my home.I did not breath,I did not blink.I was a living zombie.As I stepped on my stoop all I could hear were the shocked mumbles of others.
"Oh look!Shes alive!"
"Poor child,all alone at such a young age"
"She did it herself"
"But she nearly burned to death!"
"She caused her parents death...if it were me I would have stayed down."
As troubling as the statements were to me,I could not make an expression.A police man gently grabbed my hand and told me to relax in the back of his car until he could call for an ambulance.I nodded and he lead me closer to the lights.As I sat on the back seat,my legs still out of the car,I slowly started to come back to reality.My head spun more and my heart raced.Tears pored out my baby blue eyes,It looked as if I was going mad.All I could hear were the gossiping mouths of the near by people;telling the officers that I was to blame.All I could do...was scream.The whole group of by standers stared as I fell out the car,on to my knees.Grabbing my hair,nearly ripping it out on my scalp.The officers ran to me as my scream of pure terror receded back.I was once again a zombie.
"Let her go get her things,if she has any left.We cant commit her,she aint crazy....send her over to that quiet little catholic school.Father James will see to it she becomes a productive member of society."
The officer handed me a plastic bag and let me back in the house to see what I had left to call my own. Ignoring the bodies;I stepped up the stares of my once stately home.I walked into my room and looked around with no emotion.My bed had burned to a cinder with ashes of what used to be my blankets and stuffed wolves spread across it.Embers were scatted around but there was nothing to fear for they were going out.I walked over to my bookcase to thankfully find my books were unharmed.I took down Interview with the Vampire first and brushed the soot off the cover.I flipped through the pages and saw nothing wrong.I did this to each book I owned,known as The Vampire Chronicles,and placed them into the bag.Though I was glad my novels were unharmed;I was still in unable to show it.
I still had a few minutes left so I wondered to my parents room.There bed was still standing,shockingly,thought the whole room was burned.However,I noticed something that was shining in the dark room.Hanging from my mothers mirror was a golden necklace-locket.I walked over and took it down.There were word scripted on the front."La poupée va vivre une fois plus.Le fille doit vivre dans un autre.",I recited in my zombie like state,"....this must be fake...that is not correct french..."
It was my mother's i guessed.I placed it over my books and I slowly walked down stars.Midway,I felt a sharp pain in my chest.As I grabbed it my knees weakened and I tumbled down the stares.I landed in front of a cracked mirror.I slowly got up,the pain increasing,and I looked into it.In horror I watched as my blue eyes turned blood red and my skin become paler;exposing my veins.Then,like it was nothing, went back to normal.I was terrified.I bones were stiff from the fall but,regardless,I stood up and grabbed the bag.As I walked out the door I noticed the people were gone and so were the firemen.The only people who were there were the police and the ambulance waiting for me.
"Come see Princess,After a quick checkup from the nice men at the hospital;we gonna put you in a nice,safe new home.", assured the officer.
I looked back one last time at my parents corpses....and as I did I thought to my self....I did this....

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