Green Eyes in Wonderland

February 21, 2012
By goalee52 SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
goalee52 SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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Piercing light. That’s what color his eyes were. A green, blinding shade. Captivating. Terrifying. Midnight hair falling lank above his twisted mind. Illuminating the mischief written across his porcelain face. A hand, so delicately menacing, reaches its slender fingers towards me, nails blacker than the night. Run. Flinch. Escape. All while you can, his fingertips taunt. Leave me while you can. Yet I’m held captive by my own stupidity.
Ice. Skin like ice so cold it burns. A smile in my direction. With a movement that doesn’t touch the still of darkness, he is by my side. He kneels, my trembling hand in his grasp. My eyes lock on the glowing moon above the horizon, not daring to look at him.
“You could stay.” A soft breath tickles my ear. I feel his warmth next to my numb torso. His gaze burrowing into my soul. A temptation greater than anything, rippling throughout me. My senses dull into idiocy.
“What an idea,” I whisper into the night. “What a mad, crazy, wonderful idea.” And then I do what could have only been the worst idea. I turn my head. Breath fails me. Whatever reality I had accepted condenses, then flattens, fold by fold into oblivion. His eyes will burn me alive, is the only thought I can muster. And suddenly, he is upright, myself along with. Tension blaring. Silence deafening. Green, blazing. And then, distance is closed. Two souls clash. Two lips interlock. Passion explodes, and my sanity is no longer. Ice cold fingertips explore me with desire, such desperation painfully obvious for such a concealed creature as the Mad Hatter. Lust threatens to overcome, when the vision of a dainty girl in a bonnet surfaces. A cat who does not speak. A sky as blue as my eyes. Flowers, so simple, so lovely. The real world. I did not realize I had pulled away from him. He studies me closely, a devious blood red smile playing at his lips. It comes, but just as quickly fades.
“You won’t.” he says, voice like silk.
“I can’t.”
“You’d choose reality over happiness? Over what you truly desire?” he scoffs, backing away. “A pity.”
I feel myself reaching for him, but all passion is lost.
“I can’t.” is all I can manage before tears choke off my voice. With a tip of his hat, his green eyes fade into nothing more than a memory. Wonderland has just been lost before my very eyes.

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