February 21, 2012
By T-rob BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
T-rob BRONZE, Carrollton, Texas
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Me and my brother we loved our mom all we want was her back… I had thought our father loved us, I was only eight years old when he left for his business trip, and my brother was only 6. And if that’s not enough our mom died nine months later.

The blood was tremendous. What we had made wasn’t even human. It was covered in blue blood, if it was even blood. It felt like it was sending ablaze into my soul. It was nothing but a skeleton covered in wet blue gloss material. The room drenched of death and despair you could sense it. All we wanted was to bring out mother back to breathe another day to live to see another sun. But instead we brought back a demon.

Me and my brother we aren’t like normal people, we had strength, will, courage and most of all we had powers. There are four different branches of clans in the magical realm of the light side of the planet. There are grim reapers, alchemists, sorcery ninjas and Weapon Meisters. Ninjas, Meisters, and reapers overwhelming alchemists, because they don’t require the magic law of physical exchange like Alchemists. The law states that for something to be created, something else of equal value must be given. Our mother and father had blessed us the blood of the clan but not everyone is as lucky we were given the positive traits, but at the same time if you were given the negative traits your human, and then you live on the dark side of the planet, were the world is in vain and the brink of destruction. There is a set of laws the every clan follows and has a 0% tolerance for. My mother and father were soul mates. My mom was a Weapon Meister and my father was an alchemist. My parents, the ones I’ve always loved were criminals, they had completely seized to respect to ultimate laws. They married outside of the clan. No one did this because all marriages have kids, it’s required, and the last time two clans bloods intertwined inside one child the mother watched his blood boil right in her arms. Could you picture your child getting eaten alive in your arms?

My father was the best there was at alchemy, he was a state alchemist, and he worked as the commander in the military under King Crimson. My father had casted a charm me and my brother to delay the combination of the bloods. If the military found out all three of us would be put to the death. And there’s still the fact that me and my brother blood could boil us alive at anytime time. We knew our father didn’t know when the crescent blue diamond charm sitting under my ear would where off. We don’t know what better getting boiled alive or being executed.

The author's comments:
This is just something I put together from some of my favorite animes its just the begining so bare with me. (:

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